What Readers Say

“You’ve reached a point where your website has become an encyclopedia of fabulous information—.”

” I like your way of gardening! Not much hassle but great rewards.”

“I love your common-sense approach to gardening.”

“—that’s why I’m a reader here – no “overwhelm” just practical advice – that works.”

“I’ve been gardening for over 30 years but have learned so much from your posts. I appreciate your thoroughness and orderliness. Thanks so much.”

“Gardening is so much easier and productive since I’ve met you, Theresa. I really mean that–you have helped me so much! I used to break my back fighting weeds, poor soil, etc. Not any more!”

“—you are providing others with invaluable help. — Tending My Garden is a fantastic resource – and (the feedback) is the proof. I feel so thankful to have found it.”

“I’ve just come across your website and found so much information on onion growing it’s amazing! –”

” I came across your site searching for why my cucumber plants were wilting mid-afternoon and whether I should water them. I have not stopped reading your posts since then. —- very addictive —–will be my go-to site for my gardening needs.”

“I’m so glad I found your website!! The info is exactly what I’ve been looking for! —– more than just the typical stuff you find posted everywhere. While landscape design is my profession Vegetable gardening is a passion. I can’t wait to read more of the past posts!!”

“These days, I am no longer googling for my gardening needs. I am TMGing.”

“One of the things that sets you apart is that you know the difference between tried and true advice as opposed to the stuff we read in those ‘generic’ learn-to-garden books. I have stopped worrying about so many things since I began reading TMG.”

“The way you communicate with your readers is just marvelous! You provide such a wealth of gardening information! I am so glad to have found your blog, I`m learning so many new things here!”

“— your blog was instrumental in getting me past the ‘paralysis of over-analysis’ phase of my balcony garden…I was intimidated and lacked the knowledge I needed to get started. Your ‘can-do’ style inspired me to get started and see my summer-fall season as an experimental phase of ‘research and development’…”

“—This is the most in depth, informative blog on gardening I’ve seen.”

“—–This is what folks need to hear and it is exactly what is missing at the book stores as well. —-With all of the books, videos, encyclopedias, and google searches I could get my hands on, THIS SITE is my #1 source and a benchmark to which all other sources are compared and measured.”

“You have changed my whole gardening life! ”

“I love gardening and would never stop my subscription (to TMG). I’m learning more from you than I have in years of trying it by myself.”

” I am just so encouraged by all that I am reading from you. I can’t make myself leave your site!”

“My garden has doubled in productivity since I started reading here.”

“I wanted to let you know that from your guidance, I have discovered that ‘less is more.’ I was planting the old fashioned way–rows with lots of weeds to take care of–. Then I learned your secret of mulching heavily with straw and/or leaves. What an amazing difference. The soil is always ready for a seed or two in an empty spot and weeding is minimal. Last year we harvested twice as much produce in half the space.”

“Theresa, I’ve been gardening for about 40 years, and in the last 10 or so have tried my hand at gardening organically. I bought the books, read the websites, took the magazines, etc., but have been largely overwhelmed and discouraged. I happened upon TMG and have been reading for around 3 months. Now I know I can really do this!!! Thank you so very much for being so realistic and practical. And also for being so open, willing, and giving. You are a blessing!”

“I have learned so much, actually far more from you than from any gardening magazine I have ever subscribed to.”

“— I’m in the process of switching from chemical-based gardening to organic gardening and your website has helped me tremendously. There’s so much info on organic gardening – some of it very conflicting. You present stuff in an easy to understand, logical way.”

“Every time I hear something “out there” about gardening, I think…….wait that sounds too complicated, Theresa keeps it simple…….do what she does. Lol. You have kept me from jumping on the crazy train! ”

“I discovered your blog just last week while searching the web for information on raised bed gardening. I was actually pricing rough-cut lumber from a local saw mill, and looking for design ideas for wooden boxes when I stumbled upon your post “Contained Raised Beds? NO WAY!” I have not left your blog since!

I am so impressed with the information I have found here, as well as how much you put into it. I appreciate how you respond so thoughtfully to your readers’ questions and comments. And of course I LOVE your “common sense” approach.”

“This is only my 3rd or 4th season (of gardening). (Because of TMG) I am literally years ahead of my time in terms of being an accomplished gardener! ”

“Your wonderful blog and the manner in which you handle explaining things in incremental steps is just amazing. I am on a steering committee for a local community garden effort and your blog will be my recommendation to anyone who gets involved.”

“I just found your site —- when I was checking for what to do with onions. I have never seen so much useful information in one place. — What a wonderful site! I learned more in just a few minutes than I have ever gotten elsewhere. Thank you!!!”

“Finding your site thanks to Diane’s flowers has helped continue my education but in a very easy manner. I’ve found that your experience has confirmed that heritage gardening does not have to be exhaustive but more fun. I find your thinking about gardening assured me that my “maybe I’ll just let nature do the work” is ok and now I’m learning why.”

“Just read your post on Garden diversity- as always excellent, thorough and you have this ability to give all the information one might need in a nutshell – keeping the reader engaged all through.”

“I wish I had found your blog years ago. It would have saved me lots of money spent on gardening books & magazines.”

“Even tho I am on the other side of the world and the seasons are reversed, your insight, knowledge and experience are so valuable to me as a starting out organic gardener.”

“I directly credit the MAJOR increase in productivity in my garden to you. —-(it) is amazing compared to how my garden used to operate.”

“I have learned invaluable lessons and methods from you, have found you to be very well researched, very well thought out, and very methodical. And so easy to learn from.”

“— you infuse encouragement and heart into your website and I greatly receive these gifts.”

” I read each post you write as though I am a sponge; sucking up every last word you write, and holding onto it tightly. … your philosophy on gardening is inspiring. I feel light years ahead of some of my friends who have been gardening for much longer than I, and it is all thanks to you and your easy to read, vital information.”

“I just read your post on using straw once sprayed with 2-4D. Then I read a few more snippets … I think I’m in love…just to find an organic gardener blogging in such a practical way.
It is a fact that we live in a world with more than a few undesirable chemicals infiltrating the world we live in, but we have to understand what will decompose, what is persistent, and how to proceed. … reading your commonsense words just made my day. ”

“I can’t imagine not having TMG for reference and inspiration. It’s one of the few sites I go back to every year for specifics — I hope everyone who reads here, in particular newer readers, understand just what gold is buried in (TMG’s) archives. There’s nowhere else to read some of the things I’ve learned here on TMG, and I’m in NO way overstating.”

” I think there are more people than you know who would love to garden with your ideas – they just don’t know it’s possible.”

“Your postings ALWAYS shed light in a slightly different way —. It’s like taking a walk around the garden with a favorite friend who can be relied on to share the truth.”

(I want) ” to tell you how much I enjoy your blog, your style of writing, the clarity of the information you provide and the very obvious expertise you have achieved.
Reading your blog and the information about your book has given me hope that I can try again (to garden), this time with much greater success and a lot less work.”

“Your information has always been the best out there. The style of your writing is informative but also interesting, honest and humorous at times. You always make me smile and want to get back out there and try something new.”

“Last fall I found TMG and purchased your book. I took to heart your wisdom and applied it to my garden. I added lots of leaves and organic matter. After I planted my garden and applied lots of mulch I have done nothing but harvest. My garden is not perfect but my family is eating, tomatoes, potatoes, squash, okra, cucumbers and swiss chard. That is a complete 180 (degrees) from the previous 2 years. Real soil works, mulch works! If you are a new reader to TMG …unplug from Big Food and the chemical marketing matrix!”

“I have finished your book and am so excited to get to work on preparing my vegetable garden — Your book is full of such great information and takes so much of the “mystery” of gardening out of the equation.”

“What I’ve learned here has proven to be a major life changing part of our lives over the past 5 years.”

“—and I love reading your posts and using them as my garden encyclopedia.”

“I finished reading your book! Thank you so much! It was well worth the price and the shipping! ” (This reader is from Japan and her shipping cost was $25)

“After discovering you and TMG several years ago, I’m happy to say this has changed the way I garden in many ways…and all for the better. You’ve made me think out of the box and question why I’m doing things the way I am, many times the changed behavior results in higher yield with less effort.”

“You have inspired and taught me so much over the years! I thank you most of all for removing the stress out of my garden activities.”

‘Those that have found you are very fortunate to discover how to garden in a healthful, less costly, natural way for us and planet earth.”

“You are always a “must read” for me for my garden and my soul.”

“First of all let me say how much I’m enjoying your website and learning from it. I recently discovered it and I love your easy (and cheap!) approach – it’s so refreshing!  And thank you for not just explaining how to start doing things, but also actually explaining really well how to maintain the garden season after season with clear practical examples. It’s something I haven’t found anywhere else, and it was a real game changer for me, together with the way you feed the soil without going crazy about mountains of compost and other complicated/time consuming stuff. After less than a year of integrating some of your methods in my garden, I can already see some improvements and I feel way less overwhelmed – and of course I’m planning to fix more things as I move forward. ” (Reader is from New Zealand)

“I had no idea what I was doing before I found your site.  I mostly put down some compost and bagged gardening soil.  I also would buy a bag of gardening soil and plant a tomato directly into it.  The difference was amazing when I found your site and double-dug my first bed that first Fall.  When I went to plant tomatoes in the Spring, the first thing I noticed was an abundance of worms!  I remember writing you so many years ago because I was practically giddy digging holes for my tomatoes that year because the soil was rich and so easy to dig. And for the first time ever I had huge tomato plants and an abundance of tomatoes!  What I really like now is that I put my grass and leaves on top of my beds and then cover with straw in the Fall.  When I pull back my straw I have to be careful because the worms are right under the soil and are finishing up their winter work;”

“I understand that there’s no one way to do things, but somehow your way always seems easier and more straight forward then others!!”

“Your advice came up on your blog/website, where I found myself clicking and reading and clicking and reading.  I love that the advice that you share is based off your own experiences and I really admire such thorough explanations of how, or why, what worked for you or not.   Very instructional and educational, and easy to comprehend.”

“Finally! Someone who is able to go ‘I didn’t know how to either‘ and ‘Bugs were a ******. I trust someone who’s struggled then developed, as it means that their success is far more likely to be attributed to work and knowledge, opposed to good climate or fortune. This was informative without using gardening jargon that less experienced gardeners would find difficult to understand -Yet it also wasn’t simplistic.Very pleased to have stumbled on to this little gardening treasure trove.”

“I love your posts, but love your gardening methods even more. I heavily mulched this year and the garden, although very small, is the best I have ever had.”

“You’ve simplified gardening and made me more successful than I have ever been at it. And it doesn’t cost me one thin dime, unless I voluntarily choose to contribute to you for the wealth of information you provide.—

“You are the one stop shop for me. I don’t have to pay anyone ridiculous amounts of money for information. Everything I need is here.

“There is no way for me to quantify the value I have received from 2 years of reading TMG and talking to you privately via emails these past few months. Everything I have learned, put into practice and the results I’ve seen are way beyond priceless.”

“—your influence via TMG and our emails back and forth has changed my life so much for the better, I can’t tell you enough or thank you enough for how much you’ve done for me —.  When I think about all the crap advice about gardening out there online, it’s only by the grace of God that I found you and turned everything around to a natural and almost free way of growing food and creating beauty. You did that for me. Thank you so much.”