You May Be Missing Out — Here’s What You Can Do

Sunday, April 5, 2020 I sent a private letter to TMG subscribers entitled Ways to Cope in This Pandemic Climate.

(I was very pleased to receive many emails  from readers saying how much they liked the information and that they were looking forward to more. I have not finished replying to all yet — but I will.)

I have numerous things to share that may be helpful to you in the days ahead and plan to do them via private letters to you as a subscriber of TMG. (Private emails to subscribers do not appear on the website.)

The Problem and the “Possible” Solution

Long time TMG reader and friend, Julie in Utah, sent me an email making me aware that everyone may not be receiving these emails. She wrote:

“I found it in my junk mail ——. So I copied ( into my contacts and also added the address to my VIP email addresses ——.”

She receives notices of new postings that appear on TMG just fine, but has been finding the private subscriber emails in her Junk Box for quite some time.

From happenings in the past, I think readers with a gmail or yahoo address have more trouble with legitimate emails ending up in the junk or spam folder.

I did a test email through Mail Chimp (the venue I use to send them for me) to Julie and it went through fine after she made those adjustments.

This Should Solve the Problem

If you did not receive the email — and you want to receive future letters — follow Julie’s example

  • copy the email address into your contacts
  • and also add the address to your VIP email addresses (if you have such a thing).

All my best wishes for health and every happiness,


  • Theresa

    I like one color of impatiens in my front yard, not a mixture. I have not found seeds anywhere in Orange or red to plant inside for transplanting in late spring.

    Our Governor here in Michigan has closed all garden centers. Unless they lift that in May, I will be without flowers in the front yard and I also transplant them into boxes that I put on my deck rail in the back. I can transplant them about 3 ” apart for a much lower price than buying Planters, which may not be available anyway.

    I grow tomatoes and peppers from seed inside so I have plants to transplant and seeds for the other vegetables., so my garden should be good.

    It is to late to grow impatiens from seed now even if I could get them, but we feed our neighbors and friends out of the garden for free and that is really important this year. I plant about 20 tomato plants, and except for last year, my zucchini is very plentiful. I put it in my spaghetti sauce.


  • It’s so good to connect with you again Theresa! I’ve missed getting emails from you. I went into several places on my computer and with my husband’s help, found a lot of your emails, some even from last December! We made sure your address was where it was supposed to be and so, I look forward to your emails in the coming days, weeks, and months.

    A belated Happy Easter!

  • This is great news Susan! Makes me so happy I put this post up.
    Thank your husband for me as well. It’s good to know you’ll now get my messages and posts!

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