Yah! The New Look Is Up!!

For me, the most exciting part of this post will be the comments you leave for me! I can hardly wait to know how you like the new look, what you like, and even what you don’t like (if there is anything you don’t like).

The Home Page is Key

You’ll notice changes on this post page, BUT the greatest change to the site is the Home page. That’s where this new theme makes it easy for you to uncover the gold nuggets you might be looking for in over 700 posts.

As I mentioned in my personal email to you yesterday, I had to learn this hit and miss / trial and error after the person who was suppose to help me had a crisis in their life and was not able to work.

I still don’t know how to do a lot that needs doing behind the scenes to make it even better. Nonetheless, I was able to do enough to get it online (after 5 weeks) so you can start benefiting from the changes.

The First Time Loading May Take a Few Seconds

It did for me.  Once your computer has it in the cache, it should come right up the next time you need it.

Examples of What Still Needs to Be Done

I have information about the 3 keys toward the bottom of the Home page. I’m trying to figure out a way to make that much more clear and helpful for those new to the process. It might take a while. Suggestions are welcomed.

In addition, I have more categories that need to be added to the “More Organic Gardening Topics” module. I’ll be working on that over the next week or so.

An Important Addition

You’ll notice a donation button in the sidebar. And since that does not show on a mobile phone, I’ve added one at the bottom of the home page as well.

As you know from a prior post, this new theme was a change that had to be made to keep my site running properly. It was either make the change or take the site down.  I wanted to make the most of the circumstances and do it right. After a year of looking for a theme, this one was introduced to me at the last minute.

When I found out all the various costs that were involved, my heart sank. And as with many things in life, all the costs were only revealed as time passed.  Even today, more costs came to light.

From what readers tell me, TMG is a valuable resource for many and I think I’m not the only one who would be disappointed if it “disappeared”.

And as always, I help anyone who asks me for help at no charge.

Thus, my decision to put up a request to “Help Keep TMG Online and Free”.

I understand that many will not be able to help. And please don’t feel badly if you can’t. But if you are able and have benefited from this web site and/or my one-on-one help, your support would be appreciated greatly.

Final Thoughts

I value each of you more than you can know. So many have been following TMG for years and have become dear and close friends.

When Bill was alive he also enjoyed hearing from each of you and called many of you by name. Even the day before he died, he asked me, “Have you heard anything from Jack about Ellie?”

This new theme is a big step for TMG and one that I think many will benefit from. Hopefully you will be as excited as I am.  Please let me know.  I will be anxiously awaiting your comments.  (Please come back and leave them at the end of this post after you check out the Home page.)

Thank you for being part of my TMG family.

My best and warmest wishes to you and yours,



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  • You are an amazing woman! You have persevered through much trial and coming out on the other side! I don’t have the time right now to garden as I did in the past, but hope to do so again in the future. I appreciate your site and wish you the best.

  • I love the new look! It is clean, simple and peaceful…just like you and your gardening tips. We appreciate you so much. Thank you for your diligence and perseverance to continue helping us to tend our gardens…not just the soil but our lives too!

  • I am so excited to see you completed this and the risk of it being taken down is gone! Looking forward to being able to continue enjoying your site and all of the wisdom and knowledge you share! Love the new look!

  • Theresa

    I hope you still have your featured blog. I loved that and could always research other things on the old site.

    Is their anything I have to do specific to download the new site?, or just bring it up and it will automatically download.

    I did see the information on the fish pepper on your new site and it reminded me I haven’t done anything on that yet.

    I just read that Grand Rapids MI is the 6th. cloudiest city in the U.S. If need be I could always use my grow lights for growing the fish peppers in the winter. You are so appreciated. Thank You so much.

  • Theresa – I love your new picture! You’re beautiful!
    I’m looking forward to navigating the site and finding those nuggets!
    Thanks again Theresa!

  • Theresa,

    Your new site is awesome! I see how easy it is to “steer” to a topic of interest, and just love the “look”! I am so happy to see the donate button…you offer such good advice and your writing (and figuring out the software) are worth paying for.

    Peace, Gail

  • Yeah! Love the new look. Very, very professional, Theresa. You could teach us a thing or two about web site building as well as gardening. It’s really easy to move around in and find things, much simpler and quicker than the old one.
    I will definitely donate to keep you up and running; well worth the investment in knowledge.
    Please keep on doing what you do, love, Miss Eddy in Canada

  • Dear Theresa,
    Pretty and exciting new site. What a lot of work you have done on it. I would like to explore it.
    But please, is there any way I can stop the scrolling sections from scrolling? Not scrolling exactly, but moving sideways every second or so. I unfortunately *have* to avoid all sites that have moving parts that I can’t stop.

  • Wow! I’m looking forward to exploring more, but that was my first thought at seeing the new layout. I love it! I love the “Topics” with corresponding articles suggested underneath, and the part where all your “Keys” are brought together in a list at the end.
    What a positive change! PERFECT timing too as I’m planning and plotting for the 2019 season and find myself saying “let me just check TMG” every few minutes lol.

    Looks great Theresa!

  • Thanks for the kind words and good wishes Elaine!
    Hope you’ll still get some gardening in this year.

    Karen, your words were very meaningful as “simple and peaceful”
    is exactly what I was aiming for. I like a clean and simple look.
    I’m so glad you have found my writings helpful. That’s a
    great compliment.

    Ty, I was so happy to see a comment from you. It’s been months
    since we’ve “talked” and I’ve missed you. So happy that you
    love the new look!

    Hey Don! I assure you that everything that was on the old site is
    on the new site as well. All the information is still there.
    It’s just going to be easier to find.
    The new site will automatically come up every time https://tendingmygarden is in your browser. No worries there.

    If you have any problems just email me and let me know.

    Pam, I’m so glad you love the new picture.
    Bill took that picture just prior to his death. I love it because
    it reminds me of him and happier times. In the 4 years since that picture was taken I’ve aged visually about 15 years. I refuse to put up a picture like that! I wanted one that reflects more of my “inside” as well as the “outside”.

    Gail, thanks for suggesting the donate button in our prior
    conversations via email. As you know, I gave it serious thought.
    I appreciate your support very much.

    Hi Eddy. So glad you found the new site easy to move around in and find things. As you said – much simpler and quicker. Thank you in advance for your donation and support. It is very much appreciated.

    Russell, I replied to your concern via personal email, but will post it here as well in case others are having a similar problem. (If anyone is having a similar problem please let me know.)

    I was able to stop the movement of the “More Organic Gardening Topics” by adjusting the module look.
    I was not able to stop the movement of the one that precedes that (Popular Organic Gardening Topics).

    However, you can stop it temporarily by placing your cursor over the one of the pictures after you “click” into the home page. (That makes sure you’re “in” the home page.)
    That will stop it long enough for you to explore. Once you’re finished you can scroll down and not see the movement of that one section.

    I sure hope this helps.
    I’m so sorry it was a problem for you.
    Let me know how you do.

    Thanks, Angela, for letting me know you love the site! The new
    look will definitely make it easier for you to check TMG every few
    minutes. 🙂

    Thanks for the great comments.

  • Love it! Makes it so easy to find what I want at a glance and the “popular topics” section is great. It is helpful to see the information about flowers included as well instead of in a separate blog.
    What a nice job you’ve done with it. I agree the donate button is a welcome addition to keep the site up and running.

  • I think the new site is clean and easy on the eyes! I was so happy to see the archives are still accessible. I am still reading prior blog posts. Thank you for your time and effort!

  • It is absolutely STUNNING, Theresa! It looks like a professional did it. I believe that home page more accurately reflects the wealth of information contained here, and it invites me to explore. Bravo! Wonderful job!!!

  • Wonderful upgrade Theresa!
    I was a little confused at first. It took a couple minutes to figure it out. Maybe it took my computer a short minute to load the home page. I agree, it is clean and organized. I LOVE how the articles are easily accessed under general topics.
    Thank you for putting up a donate button. I am more than happy to contribute with keeping the site working. It is invaluable to me.

  • Looks great, Theresa, and so do you. The Home Page loaded lickety-split with no hesitation. And, it gave me a chuckle when I saw the picture of your row of lettuce with the little jog at the far end. My great-aunt Martha always said, “Mary E. , you can plant more in a crooked row than a straight one.” I think of her whenever the rows in my life take a sudden unexplained turn. “Recalculating” as the GPS voice might say. Glad to know you are doing well.

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