Lettuce Winter Gardening

Winter Gardening – Growing Lettuce – Three tips

Tip 1

Did you know that your fall planted lettuce can stalk up in the fall if it gets too warm continually in your cold frame or hoop tunnel?  And you sure don’t want that at this early stage of the game.

When it’s bright and sunny outside and temperatures rise to the upper 40s or higher — it helps to uncover your lettuce. This can extend your lettuce until the late spring — which is what you want. The more you winter garden — the more you’ll get a feel for just the right balance.

The forecast for my area is calling for upper 40s, 50s and 60s for the next ten days with temps in the 40s at night.  I plan to roll up the plastic on my hoops and leave my stuff uncovered until temperatures go back to the 30s or at least the lower 40s in the day.

Tip 2

If the lettuce your started in August or September does stalk on you — hopefully you also started lettuce in late September and October. That should be seedling size about now. And with this information under your belt — it should be fine all way through Spring.  (It’s called back-up and sure keeps me happy.  If one thing fails — I have a back-up.)

Tip 3

Stalking isn’t the only reason to uncover your lettuce from time to time. If you keep lettuce tightly covered without ventilation when temperature are above freezing and especially on warmer days —you’re asking for problems with aphids.  Air circulation is one of those universal principals that you want to stay in tune with.

Everything needs good air circulation if it’s to stay healthy.  Make sure you and your plants get enough fresh air and you’ll see a difference in both of you.  🙂

Winter Density, a romaine variety growing in my hoop tunnels that I’ve really enjoyed this fall.


Organic gardening is easy, effective, efficient —– and its a lot healthier.


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  • Thanks for adding the audio feature. I love hearing your voice as you convey your “tried and true” gardening wisdom.

  • Better than Mike McGrath!!! I loved these audio posts Theresa. This is a lovely spell of mild weather, isn’t it. Enjoy.

  • Hi Linda,
    I’m really glad you like the audio. I won’t be able to do it on every post — but I will add something audio every time I’m able.
    Sure appreciate your commenting.

  • Hi Sandra –
    Yes it’s lovely but hot. I did my first hour in the garden this AM and didn’t need the heavy sweater I had on. My hour in the afternoon will be with appropriate dress. 🙂
    Sure pleases me that you like the audio. Makes me want to make every effort to include it whenever I can.
    Thanks Sandra!

  • Hi Theresa…Even though I live in sunny southern California (it’s been raining for a week)your posts are relevant to what’s going on in my garden.
    Thank you for sharing your garden wisdom. I learn so much from you. I hope you’ll continue with your audio posts when you can…it’s so nice to hear your lovely voice!

  • Hi Sharon,
    Sure appreciate your letting me know that you enjoy the audio posts! Also, I’m thrilled that my posts are relevant to what’s going on in your southern California garden. That’s really great and I’m so glad you’re learning.
    I will definitely make an effort to continue with the audio whenever I can!
    Thanks Sharon.

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