Why read TMG?

Continual learning makes life a great deal of fun and there is lot of information out there — although not all of it is “tried and true”.

For example:

Some years back we knew a lady who made her living by writing books. She wrote mostly text books (yes, the kind students use) and instructional books.  She had no training in anything she wrote about.  It was all from research.  And believe me – she made a good living!

To be competent at anything I am of the opinion you have to have hands on experience.  That, supplemented with reading can put you way ahead.

At some point we have to learn our alphabet so to speak.  After we become proficient in a  skill, I think we still need stimulation from others — their ideas and ways—a light to point the way when we are stumped —– a word or a story to make us smile — and encouragement in various forms to help us become the best we can be. Simply said, ” Iron sharpens iron and one man sharpens another.”

The Easy Way to Learn

It is much easier to absorb information in the form of stories and in little pieces than to review great volumes of “how to” information.  Here a little, there a little is the easiest way to learn.

That is where Tending My Garden will come in with its stories, tips, anecdotes, experiences, and explanations.

I’ve been an organic gardener since I started gardening more than 35 years ago, using organic gardening practices with great success.  For many years I sold my produce to organic food stores and to individuals. I still sell perennials on a small scale.   I can’t talk food and garden without talking kitchen.  To me, garden and kitchen go hand in hand.

Over my 51 years in the kitchen and 35 years in the garden, I have tried to simplify what I do.  I did so out of necessity in order to have the time to grow food and prepare good wholesome food for my husband, myself and our guests when we have them and tend to my other responsibilities of making a living as well.

As a result of that I know dozens and dozens of ways to save time and cut costs and still come out with a quality result and with much to show for your efforts.  Over a period of time, my posts will pass that information to you.

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