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Please join me in welcoming back our advertiser/sponsor for the months of August, September, and October.

Two families, the Greenbergs and the Korleskis, own Get Garlic and grow all of the 20 varieties of the organically grown gourmet garlic they offer.

Corresponding with Troy Greenberg off and on for the past year, I feel I know the Greenbergs.

The Greenberg kids are home schooled and involved with sports like cross country, track, volleyball and basketball. (6 of the 7 kids are still at home.) But what I found delightfully amazing was the fact that they’re involved in the day to day activities of the garlic business as part of their schooling.

Troy told me the other day in an email  “–––we want the kids to learn to run a business.  So even if they go to college and end up going to work for some company they will understand what it takes to produce something, market it, and keep happy customers.

That I think will take them a long way in life.”

I agree with Troy 100% and think that helping a child learn these things are some of the most valuable gifts you can give them.

The Greenberg kids covering seed garlic with leaves.

The Greenberg kids covering seed garlic with leaves.

Garlic Farming Has Been a Lot of Fun!

Troy said it’s fun helping the kids learn business.

This winter they bought an old tractor that wasn’t running, a 1953 Farmall Super A. They got it fixed and put a cultivator on it and when it fired up for the first time — now that was FUN!

A Blog

Troy and family are working on getting a blog set up.  He’s got some great ideas for articles and I know I for one will be subscribing to it.

As soon as the blog is up and running, either Troy or I will let you know in the comments section below the post.

Their Garlic Field and How It’s Planted

When Troy sent this picture to me I was intrigued by his double planting in the rows.

Field of garlic -

Field of garlic –

Although the way a large grower of garlic does things is a bit different than a small home gardener, I think it’s still helpful and interesting to know what they do.

Thus, here’s Troy’s reply to my request for more details.

We plant double rows 8″ apart, which are 33″ apart .  When we cover them with leaves we cover only the double row not in between.  

When we cultivate we set the cultivator up to do only the outside of the double rows so the middle doesn’t get cultivated, but it’s mulched so not much comes up there anyway …

…the kids have their own rows they’re responsible for weeding. They could run through their rows a couple of times a week in just  a few hours.  

This year we were weed free with much less effort than last year. (I think Troy plans to tell us more about this in the blog I was telling you about.)

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What was your Experience with’s garlic?

So your fellow readers can know, I hope you’ll share your experience with garlic you ordered from Get Garlic last year, if you did.

Several readers have written to me expressing how pleased they were and I’d love to hear more.

Final Thoughts

If you need garlic, I hope you’ll check out’s offerings and consider ordering from them.

When you do, remember to type in tendingmygarden into the coupon code box at checkout to get 10% off your order. This special offer for TMG readers is good through August 15.

Although their sponsor/ad does not cover all the costs of keeping this site up and running, it does go a long way towards making it possible for TMG to remain online and for me to continue helping you.


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  • Oh wonderful! This is just in time! My garlic didn’t do as good this year as it did last year so I would like to buy some new garlic.

  • I ordered from this company last year (3 different kinds of garlic). One of the bags contained what I felt was not first rate quality garlic to plant. A simple email and I received a more than generous replacement in record time. Also a personal phone call from the owner. First rate service…and a quality product.

  • After planting grocery store garlic for years, I bought from GetGarlic this past November. Got the best harvest with large heads. Will order again this year. Maybe earlier, though, so I can have more choices.

  • Abigail, GetGarlic is offering 10% off for TMG readers through September 30. As you said – ordering earlier gives you more choices AND a 10% discount.
    Thanks for letting everyone know how pleased you were with GetGarlic garlic!

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