Welcome to my Organic Gardening website – TendingMyGarden.com

Organic Gardening, like anything else, is much easier to learn in the form of stories and small bits rather than reviewing great volumes of how-to information. And that what Tending My Garden is all about.

Tending My Garden is an in depth, informative site on organic gardening that helps get you past the hype and overwhelm of most of the “how-to” books and sites. It teaches you the simple things that you really need to be successful.

My name is Theresa and I’ve been an organic gardener in Virginia for 40 years and depend on my garden for most of the food my husband and I eat.

The information I give you is tried and true over my 40 years of organic gardening.

Thank you and I hope you’ll visit often! Best regards,


My Garden in May.


Organic Gardening is easy, efficient, effective and a lot healthier.


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