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If you have recently subscribed to Tending My Garden I want to take this opportunity to welcome you!  It’s nice to have you join me.  I hope you will find TMG entertaining and encouraging and that it will help you accomplish your gardening goals.

If there is a subject that would be particularly helpful to you, let me know and I will try to address it in a post. If you have a question, you can bet others have that question as well.

Speaking of being welcome —-

I have some large earthen pots that we purchased many years ago.  I try to keep various plantings in them each season and have really enjoyed using them.

Last year I decided I wanted a few tulips to plant in a couple of the pots that I keep close to our backdoor. (I don’t plant tulips in the ground because they’re a favorite food for voles. And we have lots of those.)

I know I ordered yellow ones — and the other one was some shade of red I think. (It hasn’t bloomed yet.)

The idea was to have something cheery to gaze at in early spring near the place where I pot up plants to sell, start seeds, etc.

Anyway, three yellow ones bloomed today. Indeed they cheered me and were as welcome to my work area as you are to Tending My Garden.

See you next time.


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  • I’m glad they brightened the day, Ann. I enjoy looking at Bill’s photos almost as much as looking at the real thing.


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