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Want to Garden Successfully? – Look to Nature (Covering the Soil/Mulching -3rd key to Success)

Gardening –even more than most things — is simple.  It’s amazing how complicated folks can try to make it.  It’s almost as if people don’t like simple things —- or think because they’re simple they can’t work.  Oddly enough — that’s usually what does work — simple stuff.

It’s nice to have someone to guide you and help you when you first start gardening —- but rest assured if you had no one —- and not one book —- you could be very successful and learn to garden.  How?  By starting to garden and following nature’s example.  The earth has been growing things successfully for a long time — so just look to it for help and how to.

Bare Earth vs Covered Earth

Have you ever noticed that the only time you ever see bare earth is after man has been on the scene?  Forest floors are covered with leaves, pine, and rotting debris.  Fields untouched by man are covered with thick grasses.  The soil is filled with life and organic matter.

The Conventional Garden

The conventional way to garden (I guess its also known as the modern way) is to till the soil and leave it bare.  When you think of all the bad things that result from that, it’s almost hard to believe that the vast majority follow right along and do it that way.

Adverse Effects

When the earth is bare, organic matter is oxidized from exposure to air and sun. Thus, the nutrients (supplied by the organic matter) disappear.  The soil washes away with rain and wind. The soil that remains is compacted by the rain. And in drought — it doesn’t hold moisture as it would if had the organic matter in it. As the things necessary for healthy plants disappear, disease and pests appear and take a stronger foothold.

Man then tills the soil again. Many times this compacts  the lower layers of soil and makes good root growth impossible. Then he adds chemical fertilizers — usually with nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium — but nothing else.  All the minerals and other things that plants need for health are still not there.

Result – Fruits and Vegetables with less Nutrition

Why is it hard for some to figure out why vegetables produced conventionally today, have way less nutrients than those produced 50 years ago?  Of course they have less. They have to get nutrients from the soil — and it’s not there.


Many feel they can’t mulch because it gives the insects a place to hide and that disease is spread by the mulch.  Although I can understand those concerns, when you look to nature and see what she’s been doing for thousands of years — I’d rather go along with her and cover my soil with mulch.

If you have problems with insects and blight —- believe me — mulch is not the cause or the main problem. The benefits of covering the soil far outweigh any possible negatives.

I know I couldn’t garden without it — nor would I try.


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Organic Gardening is easy, efficient, effective — and its a lot healthier.


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  • Theresa, when we throw away our common sense, it opens the door for supposed ‘experts’ to make lots of money to show us the ‘modern’ way.
    If you look at the baby products industry you’ll see ‘experts’ at work telling us what we need and how to do it to the tune of millions of dollars per year. If I’m not mistaken, people have been having babies without these products for generations.

    Gardening’s just another money-making industry. And if people believe they need an expert, they will make themselves and their products readily available…… for a price.
    I’m as suseptible to it as anyone, but reading here helps a lot! Thanks for being the voice of common sense!

  • You said a mouthful Sandra! I feel the baby products industry and the medical profession (drugs etc) are so far off base it’s pitiful. I’m sure many involved are honestly deceived themselves. Common sense has been thrown out totally. But — I better not get started on that — or this will be a page long answer that you didn’t ask for. 🙂


  • Great article. I just start learning how to garden right way. I agree with Sandra also. This world is trying to make money on everything. They offering products we don’t need, but they talkin like we “must have”
    Theresa, thank you for the great article. I learning a lot, I am sure I will see results in my garden too. 🙂

  • Results in your garden is what we want Alyona! And I feel sure you’ll see them.
    So glad to have you reading.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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