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View TMG on your Mobile – Is it Mobile Friendly Now?

It’s been a long time coming, but finally I’ve made some changes that should have made TMG mobile friendly.  I don’t have a mobile phone, so I can’t be 100% sure until I get your help.

Would you take a look for me and let me know what you think?  Can you navigate and get to a list of recent posts as well as search for stuff? Here’s a link to the post about Mache which has a picture to check too.

Also would you take a peak at as well? I’ve made changes so that will show mobile friendly.

Thank you so much for your help.  I’ll be looking forward to your input!!


16 comments to View TMG on your Mobile – Is it Mobile Friendly Now?

  • Michelle

    Hi Theresa! It’s Michelle in Japan. I took a quick look around your new mobile friendly blog. From what I can see, it looks great! The “h” in “http” of the above flowers border link isn’t red like the rest of the page address. It’s not opening, and I’m guessing that’s why.
    I’m going to look around a little more. Was it a lot of work to make this version of the blog?

  • Michele

    The mache post was perfect on my phone. The flowerborders post did not load. I will try again later. Thanks for doing this! Have a blessed day.

  • Loretta

    Hi Theresa. It looks great! The flower border link doesn’t work. It looks like the h in http isn’t included in the link. Everything else worked great for me.

  • Pat

    Theresa, this is great! Thanks so much!

  • Claire Fortier

    Your link to flower gardens does not link in safari server

  • Tammy

    Looks good to me. Thanks for all your work. I truely enjoy your site. I’m an empty nester who is starting a new journey of my dreams. Raised a dairy farmers daughter and a chickasaw Indian granddaughter. Homesteading is in my blood. Vision, in a nut shell, raising our own everything possible. Been doing it on a smaller scale but finally beginning to get to grow. Aim is, to also enlighten as many people who will see the value of it. So thanks again your gardening experience is helping that dream come along as well.

  • Beth

    Hey Theresa!

    Im on an iphone, and the mobile version looks fabulous! Seems to be working fine also, but the flower borders LINK above is not working, i see that the “h” at the beginning of the link is not “linked” so the URL is not complete.

    Otherwise looks great so far! THANK YOU!!!

  • Toni Melvin

    I have to laugh at myself! Here’s why- I started doing the testing of the mobile site discovering what was working but I got so very absorbed in the content that it took me quite some time to come back here for a report. To me that is such a testament of the pure goodness and value of your blog posts! Thank you for them.
    All seems wonderful on the TMG site mobil. However, when I clicked on the flower borders link I just got a blank page after three tries.
    I love the mobil compatibility for TMG

  • Judeen

    Perfect on my phone and all loaded. Only computer I have is my phone these days so change was very welcome.

  • Theresa

    Thanks so much for your help!

    If anything appears out of sorts in the future, please let me know. Otherwise I won’t know anything is wrong.

    Beth, Claire, Loretta, and Michele, I fixed the link to So that should be ok now.

    Judeen, I’m so glad you can now access TMG since your phone is your only computer!

    Toni, your encouragement always increases my desire to write more. Thank you.

    Tammy, I enjoyed learning a little about what you are doing. Especially glad I can help.

    Pat, so glad you think the change is great!

    Michelle, regarding your question about was it a lot of work:
    Yes and No. If I knew the tech part of things and how to make the changes there would be nothing to it. Would take a few minutes. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about it and I’m always afraid I’ll mess up the entire site if I go changing things not knowing what I’m doing. So of course, that involves time and money. The concentrated time involved with this was almost a month plus the money.

    Again, thanks to all of you for helping me.

  • Anna Dunster

    That’s a lot better. I won’t have to choose whether to wait for the computer or to fight with reading the site on mobile when I get an update. That’s great!

  • Theresa

    So happy about that Anna! Thanks for letting me know!

  • Christine

    Theresa your blog is always delightful and INSTRUCTIVE! I’ve learned so much this past year from your suggestions and practices. Milk jug green houses are the bomb!!
    I used a sharpie to mark each milk jug and also a plastic plant label inside each jug. The ink in both cases washed off-i through sharpies were indelible?!
    Is there another solution? Last January I had several mystery jugs!!

    What is your favorite golden beet. I find them flavorless. Is it the variety or my soil? My red beets are delicious.

    Same with watermelon. Easy to grow here and prolific but not much flavor.

    Keep on writing Theresa and thank you for teaching me.

    Zone 8a
    Garland TX

  • Theresa

    Thank you for letting me know that you enjoy TMG and have learned so much!

    I know exactly what you mean about the markers. No matter what the manufacturer says they
    are NOT indelible!!! At best, the markings are clearly read for several months and as the cold, hot, and rain or snow takes it’s toll the markings disappear.

    The ones inside the jugs (as I’m sure you know) fare a lot better because they’re protected.

    Sometimes I’ll mark over the marks that are disappearing. Sometimes I forget.

    If I put markers in the garden, I find it’s helpful to stick them deep into the soil and that protects the
    writing more.

    Another thing I try to do is put tape over the identifying marks. That way it’s protected from the elements.
    (But sometimes the weather causes the tape to come off.)

    I don’t grow golden beets. They’ve never appealed to me. I’ll stick to the red like you.

    Thanks again for your encouragement Christine. Since Bill died, I need all the encouragement I can get. It helps me to want to continue with TMG. Knowing that I really am helping others make it worth doing.

    Keep up the good work with growing!


  • Judy Denham

    Hi Theresa I just got around to checking today and both links are working. You’ve probably made the corrections already. Thanks for your great work. Judy

  • Patricia

    Oh, it looks fabulous! I love that look. Wonderful!

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