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Tomatoes At Their Best in Drought Conditions

This area anticipated some much needed rain from hurricane Dorian passing off the coast the first part of September. Although a day of mist wet the leaves and grass, it didn’t even dampen the soil in the garden. We’ve not had a good rain since sometime in August.

The bad news is that it’s hard to get fall and winter crops started without rain (if you don’t have a way to water new seedlings other than a watering can — which is my situation).

The good news is that tomatoes are at their best in dry conditions. The best tasting tomatoes of the season have been those harvested in the last 4 weeks.

Two Cherokee Purple heirloom tomatoes harvested this morning.

I had a friend tell me earlier this year that his tomato plants needed a gallon or a gallon and a half of water daily! I was speechless.

In all the droughts I’ve experienced over 40 years of gardening, (and most were 6 weeks to 12 weeks long) and even  with temperatures between 90 and 100ºF, I’ve never had tomatoes wilt.  (The variety Opalka was the exception since wilting is one of its characteristics.) And I’ve NEVER watered them.

If the tomatoes in your garden need to be watered you’re missing out on some great tasting tomatoes that come from not watering even in times of drought.

If your plants wilt, maybe you should consider using the 3 keys. (I’ll give you starting points at the end.) Tomatoes are always the best looking plants in my garden during times of drought.

Not having to water will save you LOTS of time over the years. And I think you’ll enjoy the taste of your tomatoes even more.

Final Thoughts

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