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Tomato Plants – A Tip for Tying

My favorite thing to use for tying up tomatoes to their support is strips cut from old panty hose. The nylon is strong enough to support the weight of the plants but won’t dig into the stem or break it.

When stockings are not longer usable, I cut them into strips and by the time tomato season rolls around each year I have plenty of ties for my tomato plants.


The problem comes when I’m out in the garden and the stocking strips are in the house.  If I forget too many times, the tomatoes stems start falling and sprawling.


I remedied that problem this year, by keeping a handful of my stocking ties in one of the pockets of my gardening clothes.  Whenever I see a tomato that needs staking, I have a tie handy. It’s great!


Tying them up the day they need it makes it easier. No more falling, sprawling, or breaking.  And I love how neat my plants look this year because of being prompt with tying.

Works with Other Ties

You can use this tip with almost any tie of your choice whether it’s homemade or store bought.

Alternative to Pocket

If you don’t have a pocket, try keeping them in the bottom of your basket you take to the garden.


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