Time to think about Garlic – One of Earth’s Most Beneficial Foods

The medicinal properties of garlic were revered even in ancient and medieval times going back 5,000 years or more.

In World War I and World War II it was used as an antiseptic for wounds and given to prevent infections like gangrene.

During the time of the plague in the early 1700s, gravediggers in France are said to have used crushed garlic in their wine to protect themselves from the sickness.

Garlic In Modern Times

If you’re only a believer of what’s been researched by modern science you’ll be happy to know that garlic fits the bill. All you need do is Google and you’ll quickly find information on any specific you’re looking for. If you have problems like ulcers that garlic might irritate, that information is also available.

Garlic falls into the category of one of the few things that’s good for just about everything that ails you.

Where Does Super Market Garlic Come From

More than 50% of garlic consumed in the US comes from China. And yep, what you buy in the grocery store more than likely comes from China. If you want reasons for not buying things produced in that country review this post.

Finding a Source You Can Trust

Even if we grow our own garlic, we can’t always grow enough to get us through the year. Finding a source we can trust can be difficult. is a source you can trust and is certified organic. Their large bulbs of seed garlic are grown specifically to be used as seed to produce healthy, hardy garlic in your garden.

If you don’t have enough garlic from your garden to get you through the year — or if you don’t grow garlic — no problem: has garlic for eating as well as seed garlic.

You can still choose the variety you want. The bulbs are just a bit smaller than bulbs of seed garlic. And there’s a nice savings on the eating garlic.

This small company is a hands-on family operation. Troy, his wife, and 6 kids grow all 20 of the varieties they sell.

The kids are very much involved in the day to day activities of the garlic business as part of their education. As a matter of fact, Troy wrote recently saying the kids handled all the harvesting this year while he was busy with something else.

Lydia and Lorna take a break (last October) from planting to smile at their Dad as he took the picture.

To Be Associated With

As you might recall from past posts, I often get requests from businesses wanting to advertise on TendingMyGarden.  Almost without exception when those businesses are further investigated, I find they don’t share the organic values that I encourage. So, of course, I decline their offers.

You can imagine how delighted I was 5 years ago, after an inquiry by Troy Greenberg about advertising, to find that shared the values TendingMyGarden encourages.

More Than Just an Advertiser

Troy and I correspond off and on throughout the year and we’ve become  good friends.The more I learn about the Troy and his family, the happier I am to have them associated with TMG and to be able to recommend them to you.

I consider them part of the TMG family and appreciate the service and product they offer you, my readers.

Troy took this picture of his daughter and son, Lydia and Elias, last October as they finished packing orders to be shipped the next day.

Final Thoughts

Their continued support (now 5 years) goes a long way towards making it possible for me to continue to give you the help you need to be successful in your garden.

I hope you’ll check out’s offerings. If you decide to order and have a chance to talk to Troy, his wife, or one of the kids, I hope you’ll let  them know how much they’re appreciated.


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  • Theresa,
    Today my daughter gets married. The groom is a fine young man. Enjoyed your post. My friend says garlic grows like a weed (easy). You know I have not enjoyed that kind of success.
    Got to go talk later

  • I have grown their garlic for two years now thanks to you Theresa!
    I LOVE growing garlic and sure hope never to be without it
    I hope you are doing much better.


  • Thanks for the reminder. I will order some this year. I have a back and forth relationship with garlic, but I realized this summer that even when I don’t feel like eating it fresh, or cut up and cooked, etc, I still love it cooked whole and it gives a whole different taste (and a much less aggressive effect on my stomach). So, I now am confident I can use whatever garlic I grow, and having my own would be much better than supermarket! (Plus the stuff I recently got at the farmer’s market I like better, anyway so I am more excited than ever about it.)

    One of these days I need to put in the research on onions. I tried to grow onions, and well, I did grow some plants, but I never had any idea when to harvest them, so I have onion plants growing here and there throughout my garden, most of which bloomed and fell over. I dug one out and it had a very small bulb so I just put it back. They are somewhat ornamental and deter pests so there’s that. But it isn’t much use for growing and eating onions if I have no idea what to do with them when. I’m sure there’s info on your page I just need to make time to read it 🙂

    I hope you are doing better, I have been hoping your updates on garden info instead of health is a good sign. <3

  • Hello Theresa!
    I have a story that supports this truth about garlic and its excellent use for what ails you…
    When I worked as a microbiologist for a medical manufacturer, I had a customer in a progressive area of the country that would test stool samples from all over the world both conventionally and NOT so conventionally. Visiting them was not the most pleasant task, as you can imagine what the work environment smelled like. But on occasion, I would be there on the day they did titered garlic concentrations to find the dosage that would kill or inhibit pathogenic bacterial or yeast/ mold from growing. On those days, I walked in to their laboratory and it smelled like an Italian restaurant!
    Hope you are doing better…and eating your garlic regularly!

  • Ever since I started buying from, I have had great harvests. The bulbs are much larger than the grocery store garlic I had previously used for planting. I plant in the late fall and use it as a border around the beds, so it doesn’t interfere with spring planting. Each year, I plant more as my children all want garlic for their families from Mom’s garden (and I have 9 grown children).

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