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The Rose – Fresh Flowers for Your Table

As many perennials as I grow, you would think that I would have fresh flowers in my home all the time. For some reason I don’t. But when my thoughts do turn to flowers to bring in, I usually gravitate to the rose.

Bill has been working on a few commissioned pieces and the folks who commissioned them came for dinner the other night.  It was a great mix of business and pleasure.

About an hour before they came, I moseyed outside to see what flowers appealed to me to place on the table. I wanted something simple —-no time to really “arrange” anything.
In walking around I looked at a few possibilities and then finally came to our newest rose, Livin’ Easy.  It’s a floribunda and in spite of the severe drought we had in June and July, it has bloomed off and on all summer.  There were several spent blossoms on the bush, and fortunately, 4 small buds.  Decision made.  They would be perfect.

I think of myself as a “garden” person, a grower of perennials and vegetables.  I think of my friend, Charlotte Hundley, as a “rose” person although she too has other perennials.

In spite of that — when I want fresh flowers for the table — I go to the rose.  It’s easy and simple.  It’s delightful and charming.  It’s elegant and romantic.  It shows you cared and hopefully tells your guests they are special.

In researching and looking at the great gardens and borders of the world, they all have roses.  And I can certainly understand why.  They are indeed the Queen of Flowers through out the world. Adding structure, beauty and interest to your garden and borders.

If you have some in bloom, cut some and place them on your table tonight.  If you don’t have any roses, I hope you will plan to order. No matter what level gardener you are, you can’t go wrong with a nice floribunda for your border, yard or garden.

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  • Roses are one of my favorite flowers.

    Unfortunately, the deer love them, too.

    I will be planting my latest rose purchases inside my vegetable garden fence to protect them from the deer.


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