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The Non-stop Decline of the National Organic Program

Most of the posts that I write for TMG don’t go out of date. The reason being that they mostly involve principles that don’t change — like the 3 keys.  (And here.)

The only thing(s) that might change in a post is when I find an even easier or better way to achieve the principle involved.

But when posts are about information involving regulations that the “powers that be” have set up or what they’re currently doing — then the information is always subject to change at any moment.

Continual Warnings on TMG

I’ve tried to stress to readers that we have to constantly be on guard.  We can’t assume that the government or a company has our well being as their focus.  They don’t. 

Here’s how I stated it in the 2019 post: “As I’ve warned in all posts discussing the (NOP) National Organic Program and the OMRI seal – we always need to question and stay current with the changes and the continuing decline of the NOP.”

After reading a post  that was written in 2014, Maggie, a TMG  reader was nice enough to send me an email saying : You recommended buying OMRI-labeled prodcts in one of your articles I read.  Thought you might be interested in this article on OMRI’s corporate ties. It’s funded by corporations and lobbies on behalf of nonorganic products.”

Since she is a fairly new reader she had no way of knowing that I had covered that in detail in a 2017 post (Before you Purchase Food You Think is Organic) and  more in a 2019 post (Answering questions – The Decline of the National Organic Program).

The two posts linked to above are some of the most important on TMG.  I hope you take in the information they contain.

Decline of the NOP – It Can’t Sink Much Lower

What I’ve learned over the past few months continues to signal the death knell for the NOP.


Some organic certifiers will allow genetically engineered vaccines into animals from which organic products are derived (such as meats, milk, cheeses and more). Supposedly, current regulations ALLOW mRNA vaccines in all animals, even when their products are labeled organic.

If you’ve been doing your homework,  and know where NOT to go for news, and know the dangers involved —you’ll want to make sure you don’t eat any of those products.  Find a “clean” source.


Used for Years and I’m just Hearing About It!! 

In May I heard for the very first time about a chemical  (promoted as “natural” and  GRAS (“Generally Recognized as Safe”- more about GRAS follows) that has now been  approved for use on certified organic produce.  The product extends the shelf life of the produce. In other words it keeps it looking fresh. 

This has been going on for longer than I’d like to think, but has obviously been kept low key.

Produce is not labeled to identify whether or not it’s coated.  Although I read that in some cases there is a label on the shipping crate when it arrives at the store.

The product goes by several names Apeel, Edipeel, and Organipeel being the 3 I’ve seen.

What Can We Do?

This news affects most of us.  I eat mostly from my garden, but I buy organic cabbage and carrots from the store in the winter.

I will no longer buy any produce from a store until I know for sure whether or not they’ve been coated to artificially keep them looking fresh.

Other Action to Take

In June I called Earthbound (the source for my store bought carrots) to see if their produce was coated with any of this chemical.  They called me back the first part of July.  The representative told me that “so far” they are not using these products.  However, he said I should call back every couple of months to see if things have changed. He also said whether the company will use it or not depends a lot on feedback from the public.

The best thing we can do (besides growing our own) is to keep calling the companies – asking what their policy is — and telling them we won’t buy anything with those coatings.

I’ve not yet been able to contact Nature’s Promise which provides  cabbage for our local Food Lion.

Be Informed

Over the past few months I came across what I think are two excellent articles by an RN (of 20 years) before she became a Mom — that give a lot more detail and factual information than I’m giving in this post – but written in a very easy to read style.  I recommend them as a good place to start your research. The links are below.

Wait ’till you read what you’re taking into your body with these so-called GRAS chemicals.

She also lists some of the suppliers they have partnerships with and some of the stores that will be carrying the produce.

published Apr 23, 2023/modified July 28, 2023  Apeel Fruit Veggie Coating – Not Appealing

Published: Apr 18, 2023/ modified Jul 30, 2023. Don’t Touch Apeel Produce – This Applies to Organics Too

Two More Facts to Keep in Mind When Selecting Food

#1 – Here’s the legal loophole in the food safety law I found online – but didn’t note the link.   —“ If a food manufacturing company uses a GRAS ingredient or additive, it can avoid the time-consuming process of getting it approved by the FDA as a safe ingredient.”  

#2 – Other Ingredients list — Most if not all products have an “other ingredients” list. They don’t tell you what they are.  Unfortunately the ones they don’t list or tell you about  are often the ones you need to be concerned about.

Final Thoughts

Your food fuels your body.  The care you take in obtaining good clean real food (not processed) that is free from chemicals is one of the most important things you can do to maintain good health and long life for you and your family.

Growing as much of your own food as possible is becoming more important everyday.

Wishing you success in finding the best!


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  • Excellent post, as always. I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that the only truly organic food is what I grow indoors in the winter here because even though I don’t use chemicals outside in the summer, between the constant spraying for mosquitos by the city where I live, and the god-knows-what being spraying in the atmosphere by Bill Gates and his ilk, and the city water I have to use to water sometimes, it’s almost impossible to have a pristine, completely natural organic garden. (Though I’ll still take my produce from my garden over store bought any day of the week). Thanks for this update!

    BTW, I grew Carbon tomatoes this year for the first time. I believe you mentioned that variety in one of your posts as one that you grow. I can definitely see why your grow them! Though the plants seem to be a bit finicky and really want consistent temps before they get going, the wait for those beautiful blood red/purple fruits is well worth the extra care the plants needed in my area. The taste and texture of these beauties is amazing and I’m so excited to grow them again next year! Thanks again Theresa.

  • Thank you so much for this post. It is getting harder and harder to find “real” organic food. My only complete trust is in the produce from my garden. I have been eating mostly organic and sugar free since I was in my mid twenties, I am now 83. It is amazing the list of products that were available mid fiftys and what is available now. Almost anything you would want to eat is labeled “healthy, organic or no added sugar” it is my opinion that these “healthy” foods are created with numerous chemicals that have been certified “organic”. For example a basket of strawberries from my garden will last only a few days before spoiling. Yet I can purchase a basket of “orgainc” strawberries from the “healthy” section of my market and they will last for many days before spoiling. Duh!!!, something is not right about this. Just speaking my mind and experiences throughout the years. Happy gardening everyone. Stay healthy, be happy. Alice in Carson City. NV
    PS: Harvested, onion, leeks, zucchini, green beans, tomatoes, peaches, apples and grapes today and shared with my neighbor. Makes my heart smile.

  • Rob, Alice and Giulia — Thank you for letting me know your thoughts!

    Rob – I was sure sorry to hear that you have to deal with the city spraying for mosquitoes as well as the chem trails. I can tell a decline in things each year and this year was especially bad. The chemicals they spray hamper plant growth — aluminum etc.

    Like you I’ll still take my produce from my garden over store bought any day of week even with all they do to make it almost impossible to have the pristine, completely natural organic garden we strive for.

    I was so pleased to hear that your grew Carbon tomatoes this year and really enjoyed them. They don’t have lush foliage like some other varieties and don’t produce as abundantly, but as you say – they’re delicious and worth growing.
    Hello Alice!
    It was so nice to see your comment.

    And yes, it is definitely getting harder and harder to find real organic food. Like you — I know my garden provides the best I can get.

    It’s fantastic that you have been eating organic since your mid twenties!! Bill and I were in our early 30s before we started learning of all the things put in stuff to poison our bodies. Nonetheless, we learned and started making changes. Sugar and white flour were the first things we removed from our diet. So here I am 80 (a mere youngster) and still out there gardening like my long time gardening friend Alice!

    Those strawberries you purchased that were labeled “organic”— Semms like a sure thing they have that chemical on them (Apeel) to preserve them. You and I both know from our garden grown berries that strawberries bearly last two days — much less many days.

    I absolutely LOVE it that you are harvesting fresh peaches, apples and grapes in addition to your veggies.

    (I read lately that ALL apples sold commercially now have those chemicals on them to keep them “fresh”.)

    Years ago, we had a neighbor who had a wonderful peach tree that produced abundantly. Bill and I were able to harvest all we wanted. They were so delicious! I have not had peaches in decades since even the so called organic that I tried years ago — did not taste like the peaches I previously enjoyed.

    Your neighbors are very blessed to have you share all that wonderful food with them.

    Giulia, thank you for letting me know you thought the report excellent. (I always wonder how many readers pay attention to posts like this. The information is so important to help us obtain the best food we can.)

    And you’re right – we can never let our guard down.

    Thanks again to you 3 for your comments.


  • Theresa,
    Always a delight to read your articles. We learn so much valuable information. Not only do we grow most of our own fruits and vegetables, we also enjoy going to the local Farmer’s Market and buying fresh produce from trusted growers.

    Wanted to let you know that I just went to Bill’s web site and was amazed at the beauty of his wonderful paintings!

    Again, thank you for all you do to share you knowledge on organic gardening… you are sincerely appreciated! Don’t let up!!

  • Thank you Graham. I’m glad you get value from the work I do.

    Growing our own food is absolutely the best way to go whenever possible!

    Especially pleased to learn that you visited Bill’s website and enjoyed
    the beauty of some of his paintings.

    Thanks for letting me know.

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