The Change is Noted

July and August are probably the hottest months of the summer in most places.  But something happens in August that denotes a subtle change in the season.

The breeze coming in the window the last few mornings in the early AM has been just a bit different than in previous weeks.  It’s not a cold breeze by any stretch of the imagination, but enough of a difference to smell the promise of fall.

The Robin’s song of excitement at daybreak is no more. The scolding of a wren has taken his place.

The grasshoppers and crickets have appeared in greater numbers.

The foliage of perennials don’t look quite as lush as they did.

The butternut squash have turned tan.

As summer ages I’m think of planting lettuce again.  And more of those sweet and delicious Hakurei turnips that I am tasting and enjoying for the first time this year.

There’s still time for more growing and harvesting if we grab the opportunity.

Wishing you success and lots of enjoyment in the process of obtaining it!


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  • Theresa, I was driving home from work this morning and noticed that the poplar and locust leaves are falling already!

    It makes me sad. So many seed and never enough time. But I have seed for fall crops. I even tried putting a few in a bed that gets some shade a couple of weeks ago just to see what happens. I won’t know if I don’t try. It’s been such a weird year here with all of the rain anyway.


  • You’re absolutely right Betty. We won’t know if we don’t try! Can’t grow if we never plant!

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