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“The 100 List” – 60 spots taken – 40 still available

In less than 12 hours I received more than 50 subscriptions to the special “100 List”.  10 more have come in since then — and I figure a few more will come in this week from readers who have not yet seen the post telling about the offer.

As I mentioned in the last post, existing statistics and studies on “responses” had already given me some knowledge of what to expect regarding the number of subscriptions I’d receive.

What I did Not Anticipate

What I did not and could not possibly anticipate was how subscribers would take time to express how I had helped them and how they felt about the information presented in TMG and/or flowerborders.info. Nor did I anticipate how quickly subscribers would reply!

It was one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve ever had to learn how much I’ve helped you and encouraged you in your garden.  I’m so grateful to each of you who expressed your feelings. In doing that you certainly gave back to me as much encouragement as you say I have given you.  My heart felt thanks!

The Way I Garden – Radical?

As I’ve mentioned in many posts: the way I garden is so simple, so easy, and so NOT mainstream — that when I started TMG I wasn’t sure anyone would really be interested in what I had to offer.  And I wasn’t sure you could somehow find me if you were interested.

Before speaking to a group of fellow gardeners not long ago, my friend and reader, Sandra told me via email, “You know that your ideas are fairly radical when compared to the mainstream – so be gentle with ’em!! ”  I was somewhat flabbergasted — as I’d never thought of myself as being radical.  When I wrote back telling her that was a novel concept for me, she said, “You’re only radical, because the rest of the world seems to have gone off the deep end —.”

What some of my subscribers wrote when they subscribed:

Theresa, I’ve been gardening for about 40 years, and in the last 10 or so have tried my hand at gardening organically. I bought the books, read the websites, took the magazines, etc., but have been largely overwhelmed and discouraged. I happened upon TMG and have been reading for around 3 months. Now I know I can really do this!!! Thank you so very much for being so realistic and practical. And also for being so open, willing, and giving. You are a blessing!

Theresa, I would love to receive your special private emails. You are such a wealth of knowledge for me. Thank you in advance for providing this for us!!

You have helped me tremendously with my gardening.  Sign me up!

-I very much appreciate your help in keeping my garden organic.  I’m still a fairly new gardener (3 years), and your history of organic gardening is a treat to read about and try to incorporate. Thanks! (Reader is from Indiana)

I am a teacher at a Middle School in Plano, Texas, with a huge organic vegetable garden, and several flower beds.  I was recently introduced to your website. I enjoy reading your articles and I’m learning a lot!

I just wanted to tell you how much fun it has been for me to be receiving your blog notices and reading your posts.  —As I worked (in the garden the other day) I couldn’t help but think, “Theresa is probably out in her garden today too.”  Being on my own for hours, sometimes days, it is just so precious to me to have your fellowship as a gardener.  My parents loved to garden, and I used to be able to share my joy with them.  Mom has been gone many years, and Dad no longer can garden and lives in Florida now.  He was never interested in learning new ways to garden and stuck with his chemicals, so it’s just fun to have a like-minded friend who believes that less is more.  (Mom and I shared this approach.)  Anyway, I thought you might like knowing that you have company – in thought – when you are out in your garden.  And I like the way you reach out to others so we don’t feel alone either.

-Thank you, I don’t think my garden would grow if I didn’t have TMG ..:-).

-I would love to receive your private e-mails! I certainly appreciate the time and effort you devote to your blog. I have learned so much, actually far more from you than from any gardening magazine I have ever subscribed too. ——— I have gardened all my life but I still have lots to learn even though I am 77 yrs old.  — Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and ways to keep gardening simple and fun.  May God Bless you and your husband!

Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

Your site is the first place I go for information on this area. I have ordered strawberries and blueberries based on your recommendations.

You have helped me so much.  Thanks to you, I have 6 (3×20) raised bed rows “cooking” some good soil for this year’s garden.  I plan to do more in the spring as well, since I placed a rather large seed order!

Although I don’t comment, I love your posts and refer back to them.  It is wonderful that you care enough to help others in this way.  I too am always offering to others all the many things I learn that can so easily improve quality of life – as you know it’s easier than the general public thinks!!

I would  like to be one of the 100 to get your special e-mails. I have learned so much and hope to learn even more. Thank You.

I don’t always have time to comment on your blogs, but I so value the information you present and would be honored to receive your private e-mails!  So much amazing information from a wise woman of years of gardening!  I have so much to learn! (The lady who wrote this lives in Iowa and is a Music Therapist, private music teacher and home-school supervisory teacher.)

Please add me to the 100 list.  I always gain new insight from your entries.

I’d love to be one of the 100 subscribers to your private emails.  I enjoy tendingmygarden and flowerborders.info so much and have gained a wealth of great information from them and you! I live in central Oklahoma.

I recently discovered your incredibly awesome gardening blog. Thanks for all you do to share your knowledge online!

I live in Canada.—I have started my own plants from seed the past 3 years.  — More success each year but have found that I go through mounds of reading to get down to simple gardening.  Diane’s Flower Seeds steered me to you and I have enjoyed my short time with you. — Hope to make your 100 list.

Thanks so much for all the wonderful information you provide!

I look forward to hearing more from you.

I wanted to let you know that from your guidance, I have discovered that ‘less is more.’ I was planting the old fashioned way–rows with lots of weeds to take care of–. Then I learned your secret of mulching heavily with straw and/or leaves. What an amazing difference. The soil is always ready for a seed or two in an empty spot and weeding is minimal. Last year we harvested twice as much produce in half the space. All to say, I do enjoy hearing from you and hope I make it on the first 100 List!

Thank you!!! I love your site- the information is so valuable to other gardeners!!!

I just put in an order for 50 strawberry plants after your encouragement about growing them.

Please subscribe me to your private emails.  I always enjoy reading your posts and learning something new.  Because of you I wintersow, and I have kale, bok choy, spinach, and arugula already germinated.

I have not written you in awhile now. My garden is coming along nicely. All of your prior information has really helped me and I am looking forward to your private emailings.  (Orlando, Florida)

I’d love to receive your private emails.  I really enjoy reading your blog and learning from your gardening experiences.

Thank you very much.  I learn so much from you.

You have helped me tremendously with my gardening.  Sign me up!  (Minnesota)

Thank you Theresa for your private emails with more of your great gardening tips.  (Idaho)

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. Every time I hear something “out there” about gardening, I think…….wait that sounds too complicated, Theresa keeps it simple…….do what she does. Lol. You have kept me from jumping on the crazy train! BTW, I’m having tons of fun winter sowing!

Link in Side Bar

My guess is that almost all current readers who want to subscribe have done so. You’ll notice with this post I’ve put a link to the special offer at the top in the left side bar and will leave it there for current and new readers to see until I reach 100 subscribers  —- whenever that may be.

If you have not subscribed and want to — there’s still room for you.

In the meantime, I’ll start emails for current subscribers to The 100 List this week.

Final Thoughts

This “Radical Gardener” is so pleased you have allowed me to be part of your garden successes.

I wish you continued success. And every time you hear something “out there” about gardening that sounds too complicated —- I hope you’ll think of what your fellow reader thinks of:  “Theresa keeps it simple ….. do what she does.”


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  • Theresa, Every comment above is deserved. I can agree with them all. I often think the same thing about you being out in your garden as I putter about outside. Then I wonder how much better use of your time you are probably making and what you are doing that day. I also loved the comment about your keeping us off the crazy train. Goodness knows I need that!!!

  • Thanks Sandra!
    I just received another subscription from a reader in New Orleans with this comment –
    I’d love to subscribe to your emails. I’m in the process of switching from chemical-based gardening to organic gardening and your website has helped me tremendously. There’s so much info on organic gardening – some of it very conflicting. You present stuff in an easy to understand, logical way.”

    Really thrilled to help someone get off the chemicals and go organic!

  • Theresa,
    I’m sure you have 100 on your private email list, but if you can ever fit me in I sure would appreciate it.

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