Thanks-Giving – For helping TMG to continue – at least for a while longer

Knowing how to grow food (especially with all the stuff going on in the food and agricultural industries) is one of the most important things one can learn to do for themselves and their families.

Unfortunately, a lot of folks don’t do it because they think it’s hard or complicated and costs a lot of money. It’s not and it doesn’t. But how does someone just starting to garden cut through all the hype and find the simple keys to successful gardening?

Hopefully, they’ll somehow come across TMG and/or my book which could be their guide to success in gardening – or at the very least give them an option.

One reader wrote: “I am a newbie gardener and have thoroughly confused myself with book after book on gardening.  I felt a sense of relief after coming upon your site.”

Another writes: “Reading TMG has relieved me of garden stress.  Just look to nature, keep it simple and stay in stride with nature and I’ll have bumper crops.  TMG has also helped me realize I don’t have to spend a lot of money.”

Another reader is a college student and was helping a rural church with their community garden in North Carolina during the summer. She wrote saying that she had borrowed my book belonging to the Director of the project and was already half way through before deciding she needed one of her own.

She writes, “Your guidance and encouragement through your writing have been so valuable as we shape and form the garden here! We’ve been implementing many of the practices you talk about (forming raised (but not framed) beds, adding compost, covering beds, etc).

It’s amazing when folks who are so used to using chemical poisons and fertilizers, change their tune from, “That won’t work!” to “Hey, this organic gardening stuff is really possible!” I just had to add your work to my library! 

I’ve quoted many emails from readers in various past posts and also in the right column of this page. The quotes are testaments that my work in writing TMG and the book have simplified things for many, saved them lots of money and helped make their gardens much more productive.

My desire is for this simple, good basic information to continue to be available to everyone for a long time to come through this website.

But as with everything, it’s costs me to keep TMG going. I was able to handle the expense myself in past years, but because of various circumstances, I’m not able to do that at this time.

When I indicated in my post The End of TMG? that TMG might have seen it’s end because of the expense that it incurs, three readers offered to help me sponsor TMG for 2015 by donating the $200 necessary for the immediate expenses due of hosting and name registration.

If TMG has benefited you and you’re glad to see it still available and still online, thanks are in order for your fellow readers Pat, Toni and Tom.  They unselfishly offered to help sponsor so many could continue to read and benefit.

I’m very grateful to them for their generous sponsorship.  I would have been very sad to see TMG disappear and I think many of you would also.  I enjoy helping you and hope I’ll be able to for many years to come.

If you feel you’d like to be a sponsor and help keep this information available,

  • you can contribute through Pay Pal by going to Click on “send money to friends and family” and type in my email address – – and the amount you want to contribute. If you do it this way, Pay Pal will not charge me a percentage of your contribution.
  • If a PayPal button is easier for you to use, you may click here /pay pal button/ to contribute. (Pay Pal takes 3.2% of the total when you use the button.)

If you’d like to order my book, Organic Gardening – Cutting Through the Hype to the 3 Keys to Successful Gardening for $24.95 (You save $4.00 off the retail price of $28.95) Use the button below.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving! We all have so much to be thankful for. All my best and warmest wishes,



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  • Thanks so much Pat, Toni and Tom.
    Theresa, is the $200 a yearly expense? more often? I belong to another site in which the author offers a fantastic service for free, as you do. She let’s us know once a year when the expense is coming up and we all donate a few dollars. It doesn’t take much more than this reminder and the expenses are covered for the year. Do you still need $ to cover the coming year’s expenses?

  • Betty, thank you for that great idea.
    And yes, the $200 will be a yearly expense.
    Other expenses are not as predictable.
    For example, I was not able to pay for help on my site this year, since obviously it would not be wise for me to incur a debt to pay for TMG.
    Help can run about $60 for 30 minutes. In the past I’ve found that things are always more complicated that you think and it takes 1 to 2 hours to fix real problem stuff.

    The fellow who use to help me was wonderful, because I knew he would be fair and always let me know what was involved before I gave the ok. I budgeted in $300 for help from him each year when I had it. (He gave up his business and went to work for WordPress. 🙁 )

    Got it Jo-Ann. Thank you so much! Every little bit helps.


  • Hi Theresa,
    Thank you for sharing your need with us. Just sent a contribution as I want to see you continue sharing your gifts. Many blessings to you.

    Happy Thanksgiving.
    I am so thankful for you!

  • Got it Karen! Thank you so much for helping make it possible to continue helping others!
    Your message was so meaningful to me.
    Thank you again.

  • Hi Theresa,
    I just sent the littile bit of money that I could manage. I sent it in New Zealand dollars, if that is a problem, deny the payment and I shall send again in $US.
    I really appreciate all that you do and would be really sad to see the website go.

  • Thank you so much Angela! I appreciate your willingness to help me help others.
    I converted the New Zealand dollars into US currency and all seemed to go well.
    I sent you an email also.
    Hopefully, others will help as well and TMG will keep on letting gardeners know how easy it is to garden.
    Thanks again!

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