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Thanking Sponsors and What’s Ahead

If this site has added value to your life, most especially in regards to gardening, then you have 14 fellow readers to thank for making it possible.

I’ve always liked the idea of having this simple basic information about organic gardening available free for those folks who are looking for an easier way and want to pull free from all the marketing hype. I’ve spent a lot of time writing things that I think will make your gardening easier and more successful. And although I’m happy to present it without costs, it still costs me to do it.

That was not too big a problem until this year. Because of some unexpected issues, I’m not (at this time anyway) able to pay for the host, name registration, and technical help needed to keep the site running as it should. As you know from a previous post I thought perhaps there would not be a TendingMyGarden today, January 1, 2015, because I couldn’t pay for it.

Fortunately, readers Pat, Toni, and Tom most generously donated enough to foot the bill to tune of $200.00.

I was able to resolve some of the other issues with the site thanks to the contributions of 11 more readers.

  • Angela ( who gardens in New Zeland with only 4 to 5 hours of sun!)
  • Betty
  • Frank (who wrote: Theresa, thank you for what you do for all of us. You are a treasured resource and I only wish I could do more to ensure the continued success of your site. 
  • JoAnn
  • Jon (who wrote: Tending My Garden is a Valuable resource and I hope it continues.Thanks for all the great information. )
  • Julie
  • Karen (who wrote: Big hugs.  Thanks for allowing your readers to share in your journey!! I believe in what you are doing!!  It is soooo important.)
  • Kathleen
  • Mary
  • Sandra
  • Virginia

Hopefully more readers who have benefited from the information on this website and/or the personal help I’ve given them and who are able to help, will do so. (See how to contribute at the end of the post.)

What’s Ahead


One of the things that I’m excited about is the possibility of making videos for you, so you can see “live” what I’m writing about from time to time.

Bill’s camera will take videos.  We’ve had it for years and just found out how to do that.  But I still have to learn to edit and put it on the site.  And of course, I have to buy software for the technical  aspect of editing, etc.

Another Book?

I have several topics I’d like to cover more in depth in the form of a small book and/or ebook.  (Might end up being just an ebook.)

Onions is one topic.  There is so much simple information that is not available in the form of simple information. So I think a book would be extremely helpful to many.

I never thought that I’d consider writing a book on weeding! But I am considering it, because so many people don’t seem to understand how to keep a garden weed free in only 5 minutes or less a day.

Future Posts

There’s a lot more to write about than there is time to write.  Nonetheless, I keep a list.

Some possible topics for the near future are:

  • Tomatoes – report on varieties grown in 2014
  • Tomatoes – heirlooms
  • How I determine where to plant
  • My grow bags as prime garden real estate
  • Why organic grass fed isn’t always what they say
  • Starting asparagus from seed
  • Why growing herbs can be good for your health
  • Wood ash, should you use it in your garden?

If you have ideas about what you would like for me to cover, please let me know.  I’ll put them on the list.

Two Thoughts for the New Year


Sometimes it takes a bit of living to realize what is truly important in life.  If we want to be successful in any endeavor, it’s necessary to value what is truly valuable.  This applies to the big picture of your life ( your mate, children, your character, home, garden, your work, etc) as well as the little day to day things.

It’s easy to fritter away time on little things that might be “nice to do” but are not that important and don’t take you closer towards the goals you really want to accomplish.

Ask yourself that about the garden as well.  Are you doing what really needs to be done and will it accomplish what you value the most.


No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn all by themselves.  Finding people who have already paid the price to learn the things we need to learn, can put us years ahead in accomplishing our goals.

Final Thoughts

I received an email today from Mary (reader and sponsor) who ended her email by wishing me great garden pleasures for 2015.

I’ll repeat her wishes, because Bill and I wish the same for you and your family:

For 2015, we wish you sunny days, one inch of rain weekly, butterflies and birdsong in your garden, an abundance of microbial life in your soil, a friendly farmer with herbicide residue-free straw, viable seeds, yummy recipes, few aches and pains, and a beautiful harvest moon just when you need a little encouragement.

Happy New Year extended family!


Theresa (and Bill)


If you feel you’d like to be a sponsor and help keep this information available,

  • you can contribute through Pay Pal by going to Click on “SEND” at the top of the page. Spaces will appear and you will be able to type in my email address – – and the amount you want to contribute. If you do it this way, Pay Pal will not charge me a percentage of your contribution.
  • If a PayPal button is easier for you to use, you may click here /pay pal button/ to contribute. (Pay Pal takes 3.2% of the total when you use the button.)

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  • I can only echo what so many have already said – your practical and simple approach to truly successful Organic gardening is inspiring and empowering! Whenever I am able, I plan to contribute so that this valuable resource remains available!

  • Dear Theresa and Bill,

    Have a wonderful 2015 and thanks again for your willingness to share what you have learned with us!

    Green blessings,


  • Happy New Year, Theresa. I love what you wished us for 2015. May you have the same and a little more money from all your followers too!!! I would definitely purchase your ebooks. Recently I you-tubed how to make an ebook myself and evidently Kindle ebooks are pretty easy to do and can be potentially lucrative. You already have a following so you’d build up reviews fast and you’d probably become a star at Amazon; they do pay bonuses to some folks, depending on how many you sell!Easy peasy, right??!! 🙂 Good luck with everything and thank you for a great blog.

  • Hi Theresa,
    I found your blog a year ago and I share it with other gardeners that I know, I have been involved in a community garden here in my city for four years now. and Simi at the Garden on FB.

    I love your information it is so simple and I follow you daily. Thanks so much. I live in Southern California but am from Maine. My grandmother and mom gardened and they always kept it so simple, like you. Thank you and blessings. Keep this blog going.

  • Many thanks to all who contributed to keep the website active. And best wishes for a fruitful and happy New Year to Theresa, Bill, all fellow readers who love to play in the dirt!

  • Theresa and Bill ~ What a wonderfully written, warm, and charming way to wish your readers a more than good 2015. You are truly wonderful! I will indeed continue to contribute because you’re knowledgeable, caring, sharing, comfortable, easy to understand, impeccable timing, and the education is invaluable to me. Happy 2015.

  • Many thanks to TMG’s five new sponsors:

    Gail (Gail does great stuff with medicinal plants.)

    Macy (Macy a 12 year gardener from Connecticut wrote: Dear Theresa and Bill, Thank you for all of the inspiration and tips that you post on your website. There is a veritable ocean of information available out there, not all of it is “easily digestible”. I truly admire your straight to the point approach towards Organic Gardening.)

    Randa (Randa from Kentucky wrote: I just ordered your book this fall, and your post is one of the first I read.

    Ray (Ray was the first to order a book; actually he ordered 2 books – one for him and one for his daughter.)

    Sue (Sue proofed the book for me. 🙂 )
    Marvin, to empower people and let them know they can do it is exactly my goal. Thanks for letting me know you feel this way!

    Great hearing from you Gail. It’s been a while and I’m so glad to know you’re still reading. And thanks so much for the financial support.

    Frank, I have a Mac so I’ll Google “free Mac video editor”. Thanks for the tip.

    Mari Beth, I looked into Amazon before I published my first book. There’s more to Amazon than meets the eye, but I’ll probably review the information again just to make sure. Also, I’ll review Kindle ebooks again because of your input. Thanks.

    Glad you like TMG, Terry. And yes, my information is so simple. It always amazes me how complicated some sources can make gardening sound. Thanks for commenting.

    Good to have you join the conversation, Sheila! And talk about support – I so appreciate all you did to support the book. From your purchase of 5, to all the effort you put in to make it available at the Garden Club sale. Thank you!

    Thanks Toni. Love hearing that!

  • Thanks so much to all who contributed in keeping this site going. I LOVE this site and am not sure how I’d live without it. I am late coming to contributing but I can do a little every year for sure. Thanks to Theresa and all of the wonderful friends who frequent this site.

  • Thank you Farming Bear for becoming a sponsor and helping me to continue helping others.

    PS. There’s no such thing as being late with contributing. Contributions will be welcomed no matter when they come!

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