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test 2 to see how post will arrive in inbox

The system that delivers my most current posts to your inbox (Feedburner) is outdated and no long works.

Hence forth, posts will be delivered by Mail Chimp and have a slightly different look than ones delivered by the old system.

This is a test, so I can see how they’ll look and try to make adjustments in case I don’t like the look.

If I’m doing this correctly, I should be the only one receiving this test post.  If you do happen to get it — my apologies.  Please bear with me while I learn.



25 comments to test 2 to see how post will arrive in inbox

  • Ray Kent

    No apology needed, always nice to hear from you

    Merry Christmas

    Ray Kent

  • Martha Bouldin

    🙂 🙂 🙂


    Hope you are feeling better and getting stronger day by day!!!

  • danita

    Don’t ya love technology lol

  • Judith Moseley

    Glad to see your mail. I’m not computer savvy as you are! Look forward to whatever you do next! God bless . . . Judith

  • Theresa

    WOW! Did anyone else get this??
    Sure am glad you guys took time to comment and let me know.
    I’m doing something wrong. Not so bad having all my friends know I’m testing — but what
    I fear is that when I think I finally have it down pat —“no one” will receive anything. 🙁
    Oh well.
    Thanks again for letting me know.
    Hope to be back on track soon and have all this new stuff figured out.
    PS – Yes, Martha – I’m getting stronger but I have a long way to go. I’ll give more details — hopefully soon.
    Thanks for your good wishes. 🙂

  • Jim Christensen

    On this end it looks the same to me. Hope you get what you need on your end.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas. It’s also great to hear from you again. Already thinking spring here. LOL! Twelve degrees here last night but no wind and lots of sunshine today so it’s comfortable outside with a good coat and gloves firmly attached!

    Take care . Wishing you the Best of Health. .


  • Theresa

    Hey Jim,
    Glad you told me it looks the same. That makes me think the the old “Feedburner” is still working anyway.
    What a mess.
    I’ll keep working at it and hope I don’t run you crazy in the process. 🙂
    Thanks Jim.

  • Demore Back

    So glad to hear from you even if it’s just a test, we sure miss your posts!

  • Theresa

    Thank you so much Demore!
    I went through a rough patch but think I’m almost back on track.
    The broken leg has healed of course, but I’m still rebuilding the muscles. I can stand comfortably, but I can’t walk without support. Nonetheless, I’ve been outside!
    Having the best readers in the world has made all the difference!
    Thanks for the message. Meant a lot to me!

  • I can’t tell you how happy & relieved I am to get this mail from you. I’ve been so very worried about not hearing anything or seeing your post. I thought you possibly had a big setback. I pray you are off your kitchen floor by this time. Even though I have not been responding, I have been following. These past 2 years have been very hard. My mother passed on the day before her 94th birthday 7-7-18. I have been her caregiver at home these past 6 years & the past 2 much harder. I feel very blessed that I was the one to be with her when she took her last breath in her own room. Your posts have certainly helped me get through some very hard times. I can’t thank you enough. So many times I though IF you could get through another day on that kitchen floor, I can do this one more day… It was very hard to stay the course but somehow I did, because you did. It’s still hard since she has lived with me for 10 years and now I still find myself “listening” for her after these few months so I can relate somewhat to your loss. I know it’s different. The love you have for your mother and the one for a husband but the loss is the same. When they are just one day “gone.”
    Of course this past year especially, my garden has sucked big time & I look forward to your successes back in your garden…
    Be well and best wishes!

  • Theresa

    I am so sorry about your Mom. I too am glad you were with her at the end of her life.
    I know it meant a lot to you AND to her.
    Really made me glad to hear that I have been of help to you.

    Oddly enough, I did really well in the kitchen floor for over 3 months, and then in October I had a bad setback — but it was not physical — it was emotional. And that’s worse because it affects the physical and prevents healing.

    Lots involved in that I won’t get into. And in addition, I missed Bill so much I thought I would die and it pulled me down for a while, but I’m headed back in the right direction now.

    I’m hoping that I can mold this experience into something wonderful and be able to help others get through problems they may be having. Your telling me that I helped you, encourages me to keep on.

    Again, Eileen, I am so sorry for your loss.

  • Mary E Green

    So sorry for your setback – getting old is not for wimps. Praise God for what you have. So enjoy your column. Best wishes for the new year

  • Don Rutherford


    Merry Christmas

    I received the post just fine.

    Thank You

  • Theresa

    Mary, thanks for taking time comment. I’m so glad you enjoy TMG. If I can get myself caught up and straightened out I have a lot of plans for making TMG even better!

    Just so you’ll know, my injury had nothing to do with age. I am extremely strong and NEVER expected to have a broken bone. But I was paying attention to one thing and fell over something I didn’t know was there. It propelled me up into the air and when I hit the hard ground I heard my bone crack. Had I not been so healthy, it would have been much worse.

    A lot of this “age” stuff is what’s promoted in our society. If we eat nutrient dense food and keep active it goes a long way towards keeping us young.

    Good to hear from you. It’s been a while and I’ve missed you.

  • Theresa

    Thanks for letting me know Don.
    I’m thinking almost everyone received it although no one was suppose to.
    Oh well.

  • Gail Griffith

    Dear Theresa,

    Glad to say that I did receive this message! I have been holding you in my prayers and thoughts. So glad to receive this…even though it is a “mistake”.

    Wishing you all the best in this holy season and in the year to come.

    Green blessings


  • Julie Martin

    Hi Theresa,

    Just to let you know it looked fine and the same on my iPhone as well as my computer. Julie

  • Elliott Stewart

    Received TMG with no problems. Glad to hear you are progressing rapidly.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    May God continue to bless you now and in the coming new year.


  • Beppy

    I too am thankful for the mistake. Worried that we had not heard from you in so long.
    Stay strong and have a blessed Christmas

  • Steve Dean Gillaspie

    Very glad to receive news from you even if it is tech news.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

  • Susan New

    I got your letter about changing to mail Chimp. Is that all you sent this time? Looking forward to reading your blog as always and hope you are feeling well these days.

  • Kristine Lewis

    Hi Theresa! So good to hear from you even if it was a test.

  • Sue T

    Hi, Theresa,
    I, too, got the test email, as well as your post of Dec. 10 about the ranchers who raise beef cattle humanely.
    I was so glad to hear you’re doing better!
    Wishing you complete and quick healing and a wonderful Christmas season! I will continue with prayers for you!

  • Elaine Hogan

    I had to go out to your website to get your latest post. Both Feedburners failed.

  • Theresa

    Thanks Elaine. Feedburner is no longer. You should receive notifications of post and my private emails to subscribers through mail chimp now.
    Let me know if you have problems.
    Thanks again for making me aware.

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