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Voles, Moles, Mice & Shrews – How to Control Them in the Garden

If you’ve gardened any length of time you’ve probably encountered one or all of these garden pests.  Voles, moles, mice or shrews – they’re not pleasant to deal with but you CAN do it.  I’ve been waging war successfully with them for 35 years. So I feel pretty qualified to give you the best battle strategies.

Did you notice that I said “waging war […]

Lettuce, Cold Frames, and Voles. (Don't Read if You're Squeamish!)

February 22

Yesterday was beautiful!  My first day out for more than 10 minutes at a time since all the snows.

Removed the cold frames from my lettuce and spinach.  They’ve been on for 20 days which is longer than I feel is good. (Topic for a future post.) The last few snows were wet and covered my garden with what seemed to me a one foot blanket of ice so the frames were frozen in place.  Chipped away a lot of the ice a few days ago but yesterday was the first day they were thawed enough to move the frames.

Lettuce and spinach looked good, but even though I had trapped —–read more—-