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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

Early Blight on Tomatoes – There’s Hope

I must admit I’ve always liked my way of gardening — keep it simple — let nature help you — and ignore most of what people say you can’t do.

And although I read Organic Gardening Magazine cover to cover for years, I’m almost glad I didn’t have the computer back then.  Information overload can be just as bad as not enough information.

I […]

Tomatoes – Are they more delicious when vine ripened?

The question of whether a home grown tomato tastes better when it’s vine ripened is a bone we could chew on for a long time without having everyone agree on the answer.

I’m not sure — but my guess as to how that saying got started was probably when super market no-taste-tomatoes came on the scene.  As we now know they are bred for […]

Seed Saving – Tomatoes – How to

Tomatoes are on my list as being one of the most important vegetables when it comes to seed saving.

Before I found out about Monsanto buying Seminis — I always grew mostly Big Beef, Beefmaster, Better Boy, Burpee’s Big Boy, Celebrity —all the great Seminis varieties.  They really were my favorites.

It was a blow not to have them, but I started right in […]

Hornworms – Why you might need a few in Your Garden?

I received an email the other day from a reader in Richmond, Virginia.  He reported that is garden is doing much better this year even though he got off to a slow start.  He also sent me a great photo he took that morning of a visitor on his tomato plant.

Yes, you’ve probably guessed it — it was a hornworm.

I have […]

Growing Tomatoes – Addressing a Reader’s Problems

Sandra, a reader from the Annapolis, Maryland area is having problems growing tomatoes. After numerous emails back and forth, I think I understand her situation enough that I might be able to make some helpful comments.  Thinking it might benefit others, I’ll address her problems in this post.

One year out of ten, Sandra had more tomatoes than she could use. (She obviously didn’t […]

Canned Foods – One your Garden can Help You Avoid

We don’t eat very many things that come in cans. But according to statistics I saw sometime ago, 17% of the average American’s diet comes out of cans.

The one canned item that was a staple in this household for many years was tomato paste.  Even after I found out about the dangers of BPA, I was naive enough to think that because I […]

Tomatoes – Roasted – For the easiest, most delicious Tomato Sauce.

No matter how you preserve your tomatoes, I think once you try roasting them and then simply stirring to make the most delicious sauce you’ve ever had — you may decide to make this your main method of preserving them for winter use.

There’s something about oven roasting that imparts a flavor you just can’t get on top of the stove.

Stove Top vs. […]

More About Storing Tomatoes

Just when I thought there was nothing else to say about an abundant tomato harvest or storing tomatoes ……here’s more.

Every year I have an abundance of tomatoes in October, but this year I had hundreds and hundreds of tomatoes in October and November; many of which were green when the first freeze approached.  Oddly enough, it was due to the severe drought we […]

Fresh Vegetables 30+ Days After the First Freeze

Are you able to eat fresh tomatoes, peppers, spring onions and lettuce 30 to 60 days (or more) after the first freeze of the season?

With a minimum amount of planning you should be able to.

Peppers, tomatoes, lettuce and spring onions. For lunch on Dec. 16, more than 30 days after our first freeze. Its snowing today, but I'm thinking spring.



Addendum to a Quick and Delicious Tomato Sauce

By the response I received from the Quick and Delicious Tomato Sauce post, the sauce is a hit!  Indeed it is hard to believe that something so easy could taste so good.

There are a few things however that you need to be aware of to make sure your sauce turns out as wonderfully as it is suppose to.

#1. Add any additional ingredients […]