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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

Grow What You’ll Use – Temper with What you Can Handle

If you’re new at gardening you might have to experience the cycle (especially the harvest) before you can determine accurately how much you should be planting.

Here are 8 things you will need to consider before determining what and how much to plant. (And I am assuming that you are trying to garden in a way that is in tune with nature.)

1. Your […]

Blueberry Tip

We’ve been without rain for almost 4 weeks.  There may have been a shower or two at various places, but believe me it’s dry. I’m not set up to water things, but my gardens withstand drought better than most because of the way the beds were originally prepared, the organic matter in the soil, and the mulch.

Everything has done well except for the plants I started late, and even those look pretty good but are not producing as heavily as they normally would.

I mentioned to someone today that I have been picking blueberries everyday since June 12th. I have more than 3 gallons in the freezer for winter and have made pies with another gallon and I’m still picking. They were amazed because someone else they knew who had blueberry bushes said all their berries dried on the bush.

I didn’t think to ask, but I wonder how the ground was prepared for those blueberry bushes. If a hole was dug and the bush planted and that’s it ——then no wonder the berries dried on the bush at the first sign of stress.

If you are thinking of planting blueberries be sure you —–read more—-

Mulching Your Fruits, Vegetables, and Perennials

April 10

Some folks have told me they don’t have an understanding of how to mulch certain vegetable beds.  They reason that the newly emerged vegetables will be mashed by the mulch.

Using crops that are currently planted in my garden (or will be soon) as examples below, I’ve been more specific about just —–read more—-