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Cold Frame – Problems with the OG Newsletter Version and the Easy Solution.

In the recent Organic Garden Connect Newsletter was an article on making your own Cold Frame as an easy way to extend your growing season.

They pointed out the simplest frame used straw bales arranged into a square shape with glass or framed plastic laid on top to make the cover.

I would NOT recommend this shape of cold frame to anyone who lives […]

Cold Frames, Aphids, & Air Circulation

Air circulation is critical for the success of your flower and vegetable garden and it’s just as important – if not more so —  for your crops in cold frames.

Why It’s Important

This principle of air circulation is important because it can reduce, destroy and prevent insect infestation and bacterial infection.

Cold Frames – What I do

My  cold frames are nothing […]

Lettuce - A Teaser and Reminder

There’s still time!

March 24

As you may have guessed by now I am somewhat of a lettuce fanatic.  It is one of my favorite things and I like lots of it.  As I mentioned in my post – Lettuce Time to Plant – the best the stores have to offer cannot match homegrown from the garden in my opinion.

As I predicted in that same post —–read more—-

Lettuce, Tomato and Cucumber in March!

Fresh Salad from the Inside Garden – in March!

You can’t do it all in a life time no matter how long you live and that makes having a friend who does it differently than you – all the more fun.

Our friend is an engineer by trade and he loves gardening. Its part of his nature to look for different ways to do things and he finds great joy in experimenting.

He and his wife enjoy a wonderful southern exposure in a home that he designed and built. Thus, he grows several vegetables inside in the winter with varying degrees of success. —–read more—-

Lettuce, Cold Frames, and Voles. (Don't Read if You're Squeamish!)

February 22

Yesterday was beautiful!  My first day out for more than 10 minutes at a time since all the snows.

Removed the cold frames from my lettuce and spinach.  They’ve been on for 20 days which is longer than I feel is good. (Topic for a future post.) The last few snows were wet and covered my garden with what seemed to me a one foot blanket of ice so the frames were frozen in place.  Chipped away a lot of the ice a few days ago but yesterday was the first day they were thawed enough to move the frames.

Lettuce and spinach looked good, but even though I had trapped —–read more—-