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Sweet Woodruff

May 4

I guess it was at least 25 years ago that a friend gave me Sweet Woodruff.

Herbs and dried flowers were her passion and she propagated and raised them for market.  She also dried them for market and the great room in her home was filled with dried herb bouquets hanging from the rafters. In addition, there were hundreds of beautiful straw flowers with wire stems held in porous blocks.

Hilda taught me just about everything I know about herbs and that training has added so much to my gardens and my life.

Since our area has its roots in colonial times, many people who grow herbs here plant formal herb gardens.  That has never been my choice, as I prefer to mix the herbs among other perennials and plants.

I remember Hilda’s gift of Sweet Woodruff and even where she suggested I plant it.  It never did especially well for me, but I managed to keep it going although sparsely.

When we first moved here, the area in our back yard that we now refer to as the tree bed had 4 large trees, hundreds of old crushed crab pots, old engine blocks, a iron fence, lots of other trash —–read more—-