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Strawberries – New Plants Every 4 Years in a New Place

I  received an email from a friend regarding my strawberry post of May 12

He and I have talked strawberries on several occasions and I had mentioned to him about renewing the bed every 3 or 4 years.

After reading my post, he wrote that in talking to me previously he had “—gotten the idea that you had to move the bed somewhere else and start over. ”

He is correct.  Thus, I have clarified the part in 16 Points to Help You Grow and Enjoy Strawberries All Year entitled New Plants Every 4 Years to read:

Renovation each year extends the life of your planting.  But I have found that to have the best quality berries and plants that are relatively free from problems, I must replant at least every 4 years in another place. The idea being that the pathogens that cause the various strawberry problems will have a chance to then die out in the old bed when the strawberries are removed AND where you plant the new bed will be free of them because you have not had strawberries in the new place for at least 5 years.

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