Starting a New Website — TendingMyGarden has a sister site

TendingMyGarden is almost 3 years old (March of 2013) and I’m finally getting a feel for what folks who read want to know about.  It seems vegetable-garden-know-how is mainly what is wanted here—- rather than recipes or information on how to grow flowers.

Although eating is more of a necessity than flowers, my passion for having beautiful borders is just as great as my passion for raising our food.

Since I have to give the vegetable garden first priority on my time, my flower borders have to be easy care.  They’re beautiful — but the plants are strong and can fend for themselves without my constant attention.

And — like most gardeners — I have some spots that have not been properly prepared or are not in the best areas.  I’ve made them work anyway.

I’ll share with you the necessary information to have beautiful borders with a minimum of work on my new site: FlowerBorders.Info

It’ll take me a while to make it as comprehensive as flower gardeners will want.

Pictures from my own borders will help you “see” how plants perform.

And I’ll cover topics like

  • 8 of the best perennials to get you started (all easy care, easy grow, easy tend, and easy to start from seed or cutting or division)
  • Keys for your success
  • How different plants will perform in various soils.
  • Why it’s better to plant more than one of anything.
  • How annuals add to your borders.
  • Which annuals to choose.
  • How to have lots — with a minimum of work and maintenance.
  • Other perennials and annuals to add as you go along.
  • Roses for the organic border.
  • Incorporating herbs into your borders and why
  • Shrubs — several suggestions –
  • You only need a few tools — What they are.
  • What tool to use to make the job easy.
  • How to prepare your borders for winter
  • Easy ways to start borders.
  • How to use herbs in your borders
  • Best perennials for a new gardener

In addition to all this (and much more) I’ll give links to various products and sources that I think will be helpful.

Over time a lot of my secrets will be revealed.

It could take a year or more to get the basics on the site, but if you’d like to follow along as I build the site (which is the best and easiest way to learn) — you can subscribe and get each new posting via your email.  Just go to and subscribe just as you did for TMG.

There’s one post up already entitled  Chrysanthemums – One of the Top 10 Perennials for Flower Borders. Be sure to check it out because Chrysanthemums are one of the most important flowers you can grow in a border.  They give you more bang for your buck than almost any other perennial overall!

I hope you’ll enjoy the new site and that it’ll enhance what you’re doing in your yard and borders.  Your questions and your feedback are  important to me and I always welcome them.

If you love flowers and want to have beautiful borders with a minimum amount of work and expense, all the information you need to accomplish that will eventually be found on  Subscribe now to receive each post via email — See you there!



  • Theresa, Good luck with the new website. I do enjoy growing flowers and I do have alot of flowers, I have a real problem with deer. Most of my flowers are in my fenced in vegetable garden. the ones outside the garden are ones the deer don’t usually eat.
    I’ll have to sign up with the new website.

  • Thanks Danita! I’ll be glad to have you join me on as well as here.
    So sorry you have the deer problem. They really are hard to deal with.
    Thanks for the good wishes!

  • Theresa, If you could see my so called borders you would scream. They can only improve with reading this site. I’m looking forward to learning lots, as I am Not a flower gardener at all – and it shows.

  • You will do fine Sandra. It’s much easier than you might think. Hang in there with me.

  • Wonderful news Theresa! Thank you for sharing so much great information!I love growing flowers mixed in with and around my veggies. Can’t wait to read your first post!

  • Thanks for your enthusiasm Sharon! I will indeed share many many secrets on Regarding my first post — One on Chrysanthemums is already up — so be sure to check it out. Lot of good stuff will follow.
    Thanks again for letting me know how you felt!

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