Sharing a Reader’s Story

For those of us who love animals and have had a special pet, we know how much love and laughter they add to our lives.

As you’ve probably guessed, this story is not about gardening, but it’s such a good one that I had to share it with you.

Steve, a long-time friend and reader from Missouri, and his wife were living in Mexico 11 years ago. They bought a little long-haired Chihuahua. Because his coloring forms a mask around his eyes they named him Zorro.

This 8 pound ball of fluff started living up to “hero-status” while they were still in Mexico by alerting his family to a poisonous snake that had accessed the house through the garage. Steve was able to kill it before anyone was bitten.

Zorro – 8 pounds of heart.

On two other occasions Zorro alerted his family to something going on downstairs. Upstairs, they were ready for bed, but this little canine was persistent about getting them up.

When Kathie, Steve’s wife, went downstairs into the kitchen, she immediately smelled gas. The stove knob had been somehow turned on even though it has a safety turn.

Steve said, “Had we gone to bed we would have been gased to death not to mention one time was in the winter, we could have been blown up.”

Final Thoughts

The love for a special animal adds another dimension to our lives.

I think it safe to say that Zorro has added even more than most.



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  • What a wonderful story! In addition to being amazingly cute, Zorro is a true hero three times over!

  • It’s impossible to tell of the friendship we enjoy from our animals. Two of my best friends were Shepards and there is no way to explain how much they added to our lives or how one came home when it should be impossible for her to find us.

    Animals and gardening make a good life

    Ray Kent

  • He is adorable! What a wonderful hero to have in your life!
    My story is somewhat similar.
    Many years ago my family and I (husband and 2 small children) lived in a mobile home on a big ranch. We went to bed and just got to sleep when my little dog, Trixie, came and did everything in her power to get me up. That is no easy feat once I am asleep! She jumped up on the bed which she knew was absolutely not allowed. She barked and barked right in my face. That got me up and she led me out into the dinning room where we had the big wood stove going for our only source of heat.
    The stove pipe if the wood stove was RED hot ALL THE WAY TO THE CEILING!
    A piece of would had rolled and wedged the door open just enough to draw in air to really fan the fire.
    It is safe to say, if Trixie hadn’t woke me, our old mobile home would have went up in flames.

  • How very fortunate they were to have such an intelligent and loving dog. His looks are adorable too. We love our pets as they have added so much to our lives.

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