Roses, Raindrops and a Surprise

May 9

I don’t have many roses — only 3,  but I really enjoy the ones I have.

If roses are missing in your perennial beds — you should consider them. They are among the most beautiful and enjoyable of flowers.

We had a 5 minute shower yesterday.  After the rain Bill grabbed his camera and headed for our new rose (this is the second season), Livin’ Easy.  (For more on this rose see my post entitled A New Plant Each Year.)

Sure enough, he captured moments in time worth sharing.

Now for my surprise: Charlotte Hundley, an American Rose Society Consulting Rosarian and Master Rosarian will be doing a guest post for the benefit of Tending My Garden readers.   She is also an ARS Horticulture Judge and has grown more than 300 varieties of roses.

I hope the post will be ready sometime this week or next.  Stay tuned.

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  • Many thanks to Theresa for her kind introduction and the invitation to guest post soon on my favorite subject “Roses”.

    Theresa’s beautiful “Livin’ Easy” was introduced in 1992. It is classified as a Floribunda in the modern rose category.

    Many varieties of floribundas are available that can serve well in your perennial beds as anchor plants or planted in groups of three for a profound statement.

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