Raspberry – An Easy Gourmet Tip

This tip makes gourmet ultra easy.

When you harvest that last cupful of raspberries in late fall, take 20 minutes and make something special you can use during the Thanksgiving or Christmas season to elevate a simple dessert to gourmet.

Raspberries picked in mid-November.

Rinse the berries.  Drain.  Place in strainer.   Mash with back of large spoon while you hold it over a good size bowl.  Seedless essence will drip into bowl.  Keep at it.

Mash berries with back of spoon so essence will drip through.

Finally, scrape the remaining essence on the outside of strainer into the bowl.

Scraping essence off outside of strainer.

Freeze in a small container.  Remove when frozen and wrap the “disk” of berry essence in saran wrap and place in plastic zip lock bag. Return to freezer.

Frozen disk wrapped in saran wrap.

When you have special guests and no time to prepare — – take out the raspberry essence. Unwrap and place in bowl.  Thaw. Stir. Spoon over Breyers’ Vanilla Ice Cream. You can’t get much better than that.

Update 2013 — I no longer buy Breyers’ Ice Cream because they use milk with growth hormones if they can’t get it without.  I buy organic ice cream — or do without.

A dish of Breyers’ Vanilla Ice Cream with fresh raspberry essence.

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  • I’ve done this with blackberries – brambles as we call them. It works very well.

    I’m pleased to hear that you won’t use milk from cows given growth hormone but sad to hear that it still happens in USA.

  • It is sad Mary. It is especially sad that there are so many people with blinders on and they don’t realize what is happening with milk and almost every other thing they eat.

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