Pure Organics – A Gift You’ll always be Glad You have.

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I have a friend that has been with me as a TMG reader since the end of her first year of gardening — which by the way was conventional rather than organic.

During the early days of our friendship Patricia sent me several gifts as a thank you for something I had done. She had casually mentioned before that she made her own body products. When I saw that’s what the gifts were — frankly I wasn’t anywhere near as excited as I would become after using them.

Let me give you a bit of background on why that was true —

My Mother probably bought every lotion, cream and piece of makeup that was ever sold on this earth. Whatever the advertiser or manufacturer claimed — she believed —- and bought.

After Bill and I were married the quest to find the truth about “things” began. One of the things I found out early on was how bad makeup is for your skin and how bad all the lotions and creams are. They claim a lot of good things — but that’s about as far as the good goes.

Learning the truth about makeup was a devastating blow for me. Under the tutelage of my good looking Mother I had worn makeup since I was 15.  As you probably already know — if you wear makeup everyday over a period of years — when you take it off you look dead — at least I did. 🙁

So I wasn’t real excited about giving it up. But I did and am very glad. (I still wear a little lipstick and even some mascara when something special is going on.)

It was easier doing without the fancy lotions because for at least 40 years I couldn’t afford them anyway. (I use to love Mother’s Oil of Olay lotion.) After years of doing without them — I just got use to it.

I washed my face (and have for almost 50 years) with stone-ground cornmeal. I used various oils for body lotion. One of the best is sesame oil.

The Hand Scrub

Anyway — one of the gifts my friend and reader gave me was a jar of hand scrub. When I opened it —it  smelled wonderful — as if it were packed with oranges.

What Happened Then

As I said before — I just got use to doing without any kind of special lotion or scrub. And as good as that first jar of scrub smelled I let it sit for sometime until one of those rare occasions when I worked in the dirt without my gloves. I came in and remembered that scrub.

It not only removed at least 99.9% of the ground in dirt from my hands, but left them soft, moisturized and with a slight scent of orange! It was a most enjoyable feeling.

I was really surprised because as I mentioned to Sandra via a comment on a recent post — my hands hold dirt and regular washing and scrubbing will not get rid of it. In the past — I have even resorted to soaking my finger tips in bleach — which is not good.

This organic hand scrub was more effective than anything I’ve ever used. I love it and now keep it on the sink — especially during the summer months — and can’t believe how much I enjoy washing my hands with it. I actually look forward to washing my hands!  Sounds crazy — but wait ’til you try it.  Then you’ll understand what I mean.

Different Scents

Don’t like oranges? The hand scrub comes in various scents. I have the lemon now and would love to try the Lavender vanilla as well. Also available are limeade and lavender orange.

Most of these products have signature scents called, “Our Scents” that you may choose from. You may also create your own special scent by choosing from the  “Mix and Match” category.

The Whipped Body Butter

The other gift I received was a wonderful thick cream that Patricia now calls whipped body butter in the scent Lemon Pie. I LOVE this stuff! I keep it by my computer just to open and smell it from time to time. (And use it of course.) It’s wonderful for your hands and the rest of you too. Makes them soft and moisturized. And smells divine.  A little goes a lo-o-ong way!

How Pure Organics got started

Patricia first started making these products more than 5 years ago because she wanted the purest and healthiest nourishment for her skin.

She learned quickly that to go organic and 100% pure and truly natural that the products can’t contain any ingredient which requires preservation — including water. (And yes — I too was surprised about water requiring something to preserve it.) (All of her products are self-preserving!)

She looked for this type of product in the market place and found that even the best of what she found used highly processed and bleached butter and oils, cheap oils, and fragrances which were not pure.

Setting her standards much higher than what she had found, she set out to make her own.  She combined unrefined minimally heated butters and oils with therapeutic grade essential oils.  All ingredients used were certified organic. Pure Organics is the perfect name for them.

Your Skin Absorbs Everything You Put on It

As you probably already know — whatever you put on your skin is taken into your body.  This is one reason why you want to be careful what you use.  You never have to worry about that when using Pure Organics. It’s just what it says — pure!

Here are the products available at Pure Organics:

Hand and Body Scrub — I hope I never have to be without this.  It’s so delightful AND it works!  Use it for feet, legs, hands, whatever!

Body Butter  — One of my favorite things in the world.  (Elaborated on above.)

Bath Salts – The salts provide a multitude of benefits in the bath as do the therapeutic essential oils.  Makes your bath a spa treatment.

Chocolate Mousse Massage Butter – a bit lighter than the body butter.  Glides over the skin. The massage butter is good for general muscular massage as well as a belly balm for pregnant bellies.  Excellent for general nourishment of the skin.

Lip Balm – Balm for lips. (There’s REAL vanilla bean in the vanilla lip balm!)

Solid Lotion Bar – made with beeswax which protects yet allows the skin to breath.  This product is especially good for rough patches (elbows, knees, ankles, dry patches, super dry hands, etc.)

Solid Lotion Stick – same as the bar but smaller in size.  Perfect for travel.

Ouchy Stick – packaged the same as the solid lotion bar, this is an on the go organic and natural type antibacterial ointment, if you will.  This would especially appeal to those folks who have children.  Patricia uses it all the time for her little ones.  She says it’s “Instant happy when they know they are getting treated with the ouchy stick.  It’s WONDERFUL!”

Pest Stick –  This is a solid lotion stick that has four different therapeutic essential oils that are known to keep the pests away.  Put it on your pulse points.  It’s also good to use on children.  If you’ve done your research on Deet and don’t want to use it (I wouldn’t), this is a nice option.

How to Order

If you live in Mechanicsville, Virginia — you can have your order delivered.  If you need to order online order at

Keep in mind that these products are individually made AFTER you order.  They take about 3 days to make.

Because these products are hand-made to order — you may expect slight variations in product between orders. But — not to worry — Patricia offers a full money back guarantee if you’re not delighted!

Final Thought

If you want to experience something wonderful,  give yourself (and maybe someone else too) a gift of Pure Organics.  Order now for delivery after Christmas.   It’ll be something special to look forward to after the holiday.


Organic Gardening is easy, effective, efficient — and it’s a lot healthier.


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  • Yes, it is Sandra and I was so impressed with Patricia’s presentation for her creations. Her husband helped with the design and the label. (He works in a print shop.) She achieved a professional look on a shoestring. Great job I think!
    Thanks for commenting!

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