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Planting Dates – A Good Resource Page

Over the years several readers have written to me asking if I had a chart that would give planting dates for various vegetables.

I’ve never even looked for a chart since I just go by the weather.

Tonight I happened upon the almanac’s 2015 Best Planting Dates Calendar. Here’s the link:

Just type your city and state into the box and click on search to tailor the chart to your area.

If you need a chart, this is a good one. You might want to print it out and/or bookmark the page.

A Reminder

And by the way, day light will be increasing since today is the winter solstice.  So, start thinking wintersown if that’s something you’re interested in doing.

I planted my first wintersown jug today with baptisia seed, taped it up, and put it outside.

And so the cycle begins once more.

Hope you’re getting some “garden thinking” in while you enjoy the holidays.



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2 comments to Planting Dates – A Good Resource Page

  • Farming Bear

    The children and I just put down a lasagna bed. They can’t dig much so this was a way for them to understand how a cold compost bed works. This will be their bed – probably ready late summer/early fall. I think it’ll be very educational. My 3 year old said, “It was haad wok. Wooh!” They both want to do more 🙂

  • Theresa

    Glad to hear the girls are participating! It’ll be great for them.

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