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Pinetree Garden Seeds — Be Sure to Check your Order!

I spent some time inventorying my seed last week to help me determine what I needed to order.

I noticed some information on two packages of Pinetree seed that I hadn’t noticed when the seed first came.

When an order comes and I check it against the packaging slip I just look at the printed package to see what it contains and (unfortunately) didn’t pay any attention to the sticker that had been attached to the package.

That was definitely my loss.

Here’s what I mean.

In doing the inventory I happened by chance to turn a package of Viroflay Spinach over.  On the back was a sticker that said,

SORRY.  We were only able to acquire seed treated with THIRAM this year. If you do not want this seed – take a credit on your next order for the price of the seed packet.”

Boy! do I have a lot of problems with that statement!

  • I didn’t order it.
  • Had there been a place to indicate whether or not I would accept substitutes — my habit is to check NO! I want what I order and not substitutes.
  • I don’t use treated seed and don’t intend to.
  • Suppose I was never going to order from them again!  Then I’d be out the money for sure.
  • And even now — I’m not sure they will give me credit.  (The seed was for 2011.)

Another  Pinetree package for Southport Red Globe Onions had a sticker at the bottom on the front that I had failed to read. It said,

Southport Red Globe seeds are unavailable this year.  Red Burgandy Onion is a substitute.  If you are not happy return for a credit.”

I have problems with that as well.

  • I didn’t order it.
  • Had there been a place to indicate whether or not I would accept substitutes — my habit is to check NO! I want what I order and not substitutes.
  • And even if I could return it now (2011 seed) — by the time I spend the time in writing an explanation, packaging to return and paying forty some cents for a stamp — I’m not sure I wouldn’t be out more than the $1.25 they originally charged me.

I like Pinetree Garden Seeds, but I didn’t like this.

If you order from them, check your order right away when it arrives. And look for added stickers on the packages. Otherwise —like me — you might loose some money that could have been used for other seed or garden supplies.


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  • Most, but not all, order forms have a check off for this. Maybe you could suggest to Pinetree that they add it to theirs.

    Another thing to be careful with: In the past few years, after I made my seed orders, I would start getting charges to my credit card from Europe. It took last year to make the connection to the orders. I feel guilty I didn’t write to the three companies, as I did not know which was involved. This year I will be paying by money order or Paypal.

  • Theresa, That is some great information. I would’t have thought to check an order for accuracy/substitutes. I will be paying more attention next time I order with any company. Thanks again for your priceless info!


  • Theresa,
    Pinetree is where I get most of my seeds, and I have rarely had a problem. I am just getting ready to order for next year, too, and I see that they do not have a place to check (either on paper or on line) for “no substitutes.” I bet they will give you credit though. I have always gotten excellent customer service from them. The younger generation has just taken over the reins there, so maybe there have been some changes, but I would give them a call.

    It is good to remember to check plant/seed orders. I’ve had issues with other companies with substitutions. Thanks for your reminder, and your informative blog.
    Happy New Year!

  • Garden Dmpls – Thanks for sharing your experience. I think I’m going to be extra careful in placing orders.

    Kit – Pinetree is a good company — but I still didn’t care for what happened. I will be “on it” next time! Thanks for adding your input. Happy New Year to you too!

    Mary Alice – Hope all is well at your house. Thanks for commenting — and you are are welcome. 🙂


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