Pictures August 10 –



Picture #1 – Volunteer in side border.  Late setting fruit but has lots and looks good.  Hardly had blight at all,

Picture #2  Tomato in side border.  Shaded in afternoon. A little blight but then it dissipated. Lot of fruit.

Picture #3 Peppers in grow bag doing better than any.  Tons of fruit set.  The Opalka tomatoes on each side finally put out blossoms about two weeks ago.  But NOT ONE FRUIT!

Picture #4 – Window Box Roma in grow bag.  I counted 50 tomatoes on the one beside the garden gate! (They’re only about 1 1/2 feet tall.)

Picture #5  This is a large cheery tomato that I’ve cultivated.  It’s one of the best tomatoes I have.  Non stop fruit so far and lots of it.

Picture #6 – These are the ones that looked better than any, but produced so heavily that they started looking awful with the blight.  They are making somewhat of a comeback, but still look bad.  Still giving fruit.



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