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Pick Up Your Free Copy – My Article on Spinach is in It

If you have a Tractor Supply store near you, pick up the fall issue of their free magazine, Out Here, to read my article on growing spinach. I haven’t seen it yet, so I don’t know what the title is. (The editor of the magazine chooses the title.)

By starting spinach now you’ll be able to enjoy it at its very best in the cool of fall, winter and early spring.

Two of the biggest complaints from gardeners and how you can avoid those problems are addressed.

Succession plant to insure a long harvest.

Different varieties (diversity) will give you an even better shot at having spinach in the garden longer.

Advance Notice

I was also asked to write an article for their winter issue.  The subject was winter tasks and how they save time in the spring.

Not just sure when that issue will be in their stores.

Just wanted to let you know.


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13 comments to Pick Up Your Free Copy – My Article on Spinach is in It

  • Betty Taylor

    Congratulations, Theresa!

  • Pam

    What varieties of Spinach do you recommend?

  • Theresa

    Thanks Betty.
    I’ve written for this magazine several times in the past year or so.
    I was glad to get two assignments from them straight running.

    Pam, I love Bordeaux but it’s not really what you think of when you think spinach.
    Bloomsdale is traditional and does well in most areas.
    I’m partial to any of the smooth leaf or semi savoy spinaches.


  • Julie Martin

    Fantastic! How rewarding to be recognized as an expert (we readers already knew it!).

  • Theresa

    Made me smile Julie! Thanks!

  • Farming Bear

    We’re on our way there now!

  • Steve

    I can’t think of anyone who deserves recognition and publicity more than you.

    Awesome job.

  • Sandra

    Bordeaux is beautiful, isn’t it. I saw flats of spinach at my local garden store this week, tiny and in 6packs and already sending up their little seed heads. This is a challenging time for spinach, especially with the forecast 90s here in Annapolis over the next week. I hope to get to read your article, Theresa. I always learn something I never read anywhere else before.

  • Toni Brock

    I am looking forward to seeing your article. We don’t have tractor supply out here. My Mom often goes there near her home town in Texas and I will ask her to pick up a copy. Congratulations

  • Aparna

    Congratulations, Theresa! I don’t have a Tractor supply store near me, however I just googled it and look what I see.


  • Farming Bear

    Thank you for the link, Aparna. They did not have the magazine at my local store. They said I had to sign up for it online and then it would be sent via snail mail. I tried to find the article through their site and ended back here. Thanks again for the link!

  • Alice

    OMGosh…so very proud of all your accomplishments you continue to inspire me in and out of the garden.

  • Theresa

    Steve, thanks for expressing your thoughts. I appreciate your feelings very much.

    Yes, the heat is challenging for fall crops. But that’s one of the reason for succession planting. If things don’t align the first time, they might in the following plantings. Thanks for commenting Sandra.

    Toni, by now you’ve probably seen the link Aparna put up.

    Thanks Aparna for posting that link.

    Farming Bear – thanks for putting this info up as a comment. When I read of your experience I wrote to the editor and told her.
    Here’s her reply:
    I forwarded your email to the TSC marketing people and they called the Mechanicsville store’s manager.
    The manager said they have a bunch of them at the front of the store, and the manager doesn’t know why someone would say that they could sign up for it online, because they all know that Out Here is available in stores only.
    Your reader may have talked to a store employee who is either new or not too bright. Since the headquarters called the store, I have a feeling it’s not going to happen again.

    I had previously written to the editor telling her that I couldn’t find the current issues on line. In response to that she writes:
    The marketing folks just emailed me back. Apparently, there is a new way to get to the magazine:
    The current issues are on the site; if you scroll to the bottom of the TSC homepage and hover over Know How Central you will see them. I tried it and it worked for me.

    I tried what she suggested and I found the article on spinach.
    Just in case — here are 3 links to 3 other articles I wrote from them a year or so ago.

    Thank you Alice. It works both ways; you sure have inspired me over the years! Many thanks for being such a loyal reader and friend.


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