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Only 9 Remain

If you’ve been wanting my book on Organic Gardening and planned to order, I wanted to let you know only 9 books remain. (UPDATE as of March 9, 2023 book has been reprinted and is available )

The cost is $28.95.  A flat rate of $8.95 for shipping within the US.

I want to reprint, but it won’t be this year.

To order go here and click the yellow “add to cart” button under the picture of the book. Buttons no longer appear on newer posts thanks to the upgrade I don’t yet know how to operate. 😏

If you’re new to TMG and don’t know about the book the following will be helpful to you:

Organic Gardening – Cutting Through the Hype to the 3 Keys to Successful Gardening, does just what the title says

It cuts through the hype of 4 popular things you don’t have to fuss with unless you want to. And then it gives you the details on the 3 simple keys to successful gardening. It gives you tried and true advice and the easy way to be successful with organic gardening.

It’s the simple information you need, in a book you can easily carry with you.

You don’t need to buy much to garden the way I do.

Harold, who subscribed in 2021, wrote to me recently giving a great account of what happened when he started using my methods.

“….. back in January of 2021 I sat down with (my wife) and worked out what my monthly gardening budget would be since I “thought” I was going to have to buy bagged soil amendments, blood meal, bone meal and Lord knows what else I had in my head I was gonna need to be able to garden successfully.

“Today I look round my yard (one acre) and see everything I have available to use in my garden to build amazing soil that only costs me a little sweat equity.

“And —, I’m seeing how almost everything in our modern lives is designed to make someone money at our expense and has nothing whatsoever to do with our well being.

“I sincerely thank you for opening my eyes to how free I can actually be if I only pay attention. “

Here are 3 comments from other readers:

I have finished your book and am so excited to get to work on preparing my vegetable garden — Your book is full of such great information and takes so much of the “mystery” of gardening out of the equation.

Last fall I found TMG and purchased your book. I took to heart your wisdom and applied it to my garden. I added lots of leaves and organic matter. After I planted my garden and applied lots of mulch I have done nothing but harvest. My garden is not perfect but my family is eating, tomatoes, potatoes, squash, okra, cucumbers and swiss chard. That is a complete 180 (degrees) from the previous 2 years. Real soil works, mulch works! If you are a new reader to TMG …unplug from Big Food and the chemical marketing matrix!”

I directly credit the MAJOR increase in productivity in my garden to you. —-(it) is amazing compared to how my garden used to operate.”

To read dozens more click this link: https://tendingmygarden.com/what-readers-say/

To order go here and click the yellow “add to cart” button under the picture of the book. Buttons no long appear on newer posts thanks to the upgrade I don’t yet know how to operate. 😏

Here are a few of the many questions the book answers:

  • What’s possible with only 10 to 30 minute intervals almost all year long – p.13
  • How to learn more by buying less – p.14
  • How watering can keep your plants from being successful – p.23-24
  • Why watering once a week is not the best idea – p.24
  • 3 things to do to keep your losses in drought minimal – p.25
  • Proof that you can garden without watering – p.26-29
  • 2 Big advantages to gardening without water – p.32
  • What’s the real cause of plants wilting? – p.35-36
  • Why watering is most often not the answer when plants wilt – p.36
  • 3 strategies that allow plants to better deal with any stress, including heat and drought – p.39
  • Do you really need to frame your raised beds? – p.47-48
  • Disadvantages of framed raised beds – 51-52
  • Do you need a compost pile to get compost? Section IV, Chapters 4 and 5
  • Do you need a soil test?  And if you choose to have one, where to get a really good one. Section V
  • Why air circulation is important underground as well as above ground – p.82
  • Why you only have to prepare the soil once – p. 82-84
  • The best time to prepare soil – p.89
  • 8 steps to proper soil preparation – p. 92-97
  • Can you leave tree roots in the garden? – p.97
  • Why repeated hoeing and plowing/discing is bad for your soil – p. 100-10
  • Should you use municipal compost – p. 110-111
  • Manure has been used for farming and gardening for centuries; so why do you have to hesitate now? – p.121-125
  • Should you always take the State Extension Offices’ word for things? – p.126
  • Should you incorporate various organic material into the soil or leave it on top of the soil? – p.130-132
  • 13 benefits of cover crops – p.134-135
  • How poor farming practices (not using the 3 keys to successful gardening) caused millions of acres of farmland to become useless – p.148
  • 19 advantages of covering the soil – p.151
  • Should you use straw or hay as mulch – p. 158-159
  • What is the mulch that will give you greater soil better and faster than any other? – p.162
  • Will pine needles change your soil’s pH? – p.167
  • When NOT to use grass clippings as mulch – p. 173
  • Should you be concerned about termites in wood chips? – p.179-180
  • How to get the most out of mulching – p.188-197
  • 9 reasons to mulch your garden paths – p.214-217
  • Will having bare soil (not using mulch) stop rodents like voles? – p.220-223

Table of Contents

To learn even more about what the book offers, you can read the entire Table of Contents in a post I published just prior to releasing the book.

Here’s the link: https://tendingmygarden.com/announcing-the-title-the-introduction-and-the-table-of-contents/

You might benefit as well from the dozens of comments at the end of that post.

Final Thoughts

I want your garden to be successful and there’s no reason it can’t be.  The choice is yours! So if you’d like to have the book,  order soon so you won’t miss out.  (First come first served.)

The cost is $28.95.  A flat rate of $8.95 for shipping within the US.

To order go here and click the yellow “add to cart” button under the picture of the book. Buttons no long appear on newer posts thanks to the upgrade I don’t yet know how to operate. 😏


  • My comment arrives late and I see that there are only 2 books left! If any one is new here and still can’t decide whether to buy the book, I assure you that you won’t regret getting it. If you enjoy and resonate with what you read on TMG, you do want the book! I would say that it is Theresa’s most important knowledge and philosophy condensed in one place. I found so much value on it. Get it before it’s too late!
    I would recommend also the Secrets for Seeds Starting Success book: I thought I didn’t need it as I was already growing from seeds, but as always, thanks to Theresa’s tips and knowledge I was able to improve my practices – achieving more success with less efforts!

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