Old Fashioned Yellow Primrose

Getting Ready to Say Goodbye until Next Year

April 25, 2010

Years ago we use to get mulch by the truck load for $20.  The people who sold it were obviously not making a profit, but trying to get rid of mulch which had been left many years ago from a saw mill operation that had been on the property they owned.

It was a blessing for us, because I don’t know how we could have afforded anything else at the time. (The last I checked a truck load of mulch like what we got back then is about $250 or more.)

We were regular “customers” and became good friends over the years. They worked as a husband and wife team, so we always got to see them both when we got a delivery.

About 15 years ago Claire brought me a clump of old fashioned yellow primrose.  I separated the clump and anxiously waited for the next year.  They are one of the first things to bloom in the spring and are so cheery and beautiful.

At least 9 of the 12 years we’ve been at this location, I have separated a clump or so after bloom and put them in various locations that don’t have them.

This cold spell we’ve had prolonged their spring stay, but as soon as temperatures start up they will diminish and fade until next year.
These plants remain among my favorites and I am always reminded of our friends when they bloom.

The picture above and the one below shows a single plant separated from a clump last year.

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  • Oh, I got so excited when I saw this site! My Mom always had the old fashioned primrose in her flower gardens. I remember the yellow ones but also an orange and yellow one. Do you have any of the orange and yellow ones? I am interested in purchasing some of your yellow plants and would LOVE some of the orange, if you have them. My Mom passed away 5 years ago and I still haven’t been able to stop thinking of her daily and trying to make my home include all the favorites of HER garden. I would love to hear from you, if I’m not intruding?


  • I had several clumps of these wonderful spring flowers. I do not know what has happened, but after almost 20 years, most of them did not come up this spring. We did not have a hard winter, if anything, winter was kind of mild. I would love to get some more. Do you sell yours or know where I might be able to find them. No one here in Nashville has any.

    Thank you,
    Mary Del

  • I am desperately searching for a primrose my grandmother had in her garden. It had blooms that opened at 9oclock p.m. I recall the whole neighborhood would gather at her house to watch these magnificent flowers unfurl slowly, and quiver and shake as they opened. Please help .

  • April, how I wish I could be of help to you. But I’m not familiar with any primrose that opens precisely at 9PM.
    I can understand that finding this plant would be very important to you because your grandmother had it.
    If I hear of anything, I will let you know.
    In the meantime – good luck with your search.

  • I’m looking for the old fashion heirloom yellow and red primrose on tall stems!! We moved from New York State to North Carolina and I had to leave them behind, they were from my Mom’s rock garden.

  • I am looking for Old fashion primrose and was told if a branch touches the ground it will spread. My friend has not been able to find any . Can you help me.
    Mary Allen

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