Nuts, Chocolates, Spices, Gifts, Weddings & More – Even Cracker Meal for Crab Cakes

Have you ever needed an ingredient for a recipe and panicked because it’s not Christmas time and you figured you’d never find it any other time of the year?

Have you ever had a favorite dried fruit or nut or other hard-to-find food item and ordered them online —–only to be disappointed because the taste was not what you remembered as a kid ——–and it had cost you an arm and a leg to boot?

Have you ever had to plan for a large event or party —–or a wedding — or wanted a gift sent and something went wrong and you needed something special sent in a hurry from someone who will make your problem their’s?

Do you wish you knew where to order hard-to-get items at affordable prices? Well — I think I have found the answer for you.

We use to go to Richmond on a pretty regular basis until a little more than a year ago. It was upsetting when this changed because a lot of the things I use in food preparation are just not available locally. I knew that I was going to have to look online.

Oddly enough, in my search for whole wheat noodles and organic peanut butter (real peanut butter without the harmful additives) I found the 3rd generation family owned business, NutsOnline. They carried 2,366 products last time I looked at their site, of which 246 are organic.

The Grandfather of the folks who own it now started the business as an open air market in 1929. (See the whole story plus pictures on their site.) That old-fashioned personal customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee that their grandfather, Poppy Sol, offered is still offered now – 81 years later – at NutsOnline.

They could teach customer service and satisfaction and I know that for a fact —- experienced it first hand!

I am a regular customer now. (Picture above shows some of the things I order from them.)

When I was planning my website – Tending My – I could hardly wait to get far enough along to share NutsOnline with the world. I think a lot of folks must have beaten me to it since they have more than 21,000 —–yes that is correct —-twenty-one-thousand — testimonials on their site for all to read. I read over 800 testimonials (I’m still reading) before I wrote this post, because I wanted to make 100% sure that others felt NutsOnline is head and shoulders above the rest as I do.

I plan to write reviews on some of their products that are among my favorites but in the meantime allow me to give you a quick overview of what they offer. And remember – they have 2,366 products.

  • 522 products for cooking and baking including hard to find items. A few of the many include mushrooms, seeds, beans, grains, flours, herbs & spices, leaveners & thickeners, pastas, and sweeteners. They also have cracker meal that many cooks would like to be able to find for crab cakes.
  • If you like chocolates and sweets you’ll really enjoy looking through 653 items for just the right treat.
  • Great selection of coffees and teas.
  • Selection of wonderful seeds and spices.
  • Freeze dried vegetables – spinach, carrots, cauliflower, asparagus, potatoes, zucchini, green peppers, red peppers, broccoli and much more.
  • Kosher, natural, organic, raw, sugar free, salt free, and gluten-free products (that taste good).
  • Probably the best selection of nuts and dried fruits that you will ever find! They not only have about any nut you can name, they have many varieties of some of those nuts. Like 17 varieties of almonds, 6 varieties of cashews, 5 of walnuts, 6 or pecans and so on.
  • About anything you could want for candy buffets and favors at weddings. You can even shop bulk candy by color (so it will go with your wedding or event) or shop by price, popular items, or theme.
  • They have over a hundred gift items suitable for any occasion. Fresh roasted nuts, chocolates, cookies, dried fruits, coffees, organic items, and more are among the gift items.
  • Be sure and check out the entire section of complete recipes on their site. Appetizers, Breads and Muffins, Salads & Sides, Desserts & Sweets, Snacks, Soups and Sauces, and Entrees.
  • In addition to smaller quantities many products are offered in bulk. Over a thousand products are offered at wholesale prices if you buy by the case. You’ll get further savings if your poundage goes over a certain amount. Depending on what your needs are — you can find ways to save a lot with this company — in addition to their already fair prices.

And by the way, if you want to sample some of the various products before you order a pound of it or more, they have about 60 different  sample packages you can order for only $2.50 each! If you are looking to sample a variety of goodies they have sample packs containing 8 to 11 products for $14.99 a pack! One of the 800 testimonials that I read said,

I am so impressed. Usually when you order a sampler you get tiny little packets. I was a little skeptical but after going back and forth I put in my order. Was I wrong to wait! The samples are hefty. Plenty to really get a good idea on how to use each and every product. I dug in the minute I received them. Wonderful!! I plan to put in another order next week!! Fabulous service.” J

As you can see, it won’t take you much to find out what you like best and to experience NutsOnline.

It’s August, but the holiday season will be upon us before you can blink. Do yourself a favor and check out NutsOnlinenow BEFORE the holidays. The more you explore their site, the more you will find ways for them to solve problems for you.

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