New Neighbor

We have some new neighbors in the property that adjoins our back borders.

I was working in that border one day when I became aware of the cutest little beagle puppy watching me intently.

The first time we saw her.

She just sat there and said not a word. Just stared.

She's getting use to us working close by.

It’s amazing what a gentle little dog she is.

Who could resist this face?

Now she’s a month or so older and she doesn’t watch us a lot.  But we watch her from time to time.

Within her allotted area is a small circle with what appears to be daylily foliage growing in it.  She enjoys getting right in the middle of it and napping.

One day we saw her standing there with her eyes closed. I guess she was just enjoying the moment.

Ahhhh - Life is good.


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