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Never underestimate the Power of a Little

I had some friends visit my gardens last week. When we were inside sitting at the table she asked me about my blueberries.  She said she had heard me mention that I put up enough blueberries to take me through the winter and she wondered where all the blueberry bushes were.  She had counted 6 bushes.

Actually I have 8 – but the ones on either side of the row don’t like it (probably too much foot traffic on their roots) — and I don’t get many berries from them.  But I leave them to possibly protect the others.

And the new bushes recently planted you can’t count yet because they’re too young.

I couldn’t help but smile when she asked me since I’ve heard this same question posed many times about various things I have and do.

The secret involved is to never underestimate the Power of a Little. (I feel most people do.)

Yes, in season my blueberry bushes are filled with berries but not filled with ripe berries.  I pick every day.  When I start picking in June I only get a cup and it builds to a quart or more each day and wanes again after about 6 weeks.  I wouldn’t dare miss a day because then I would loose berries. It’s just the way it is.

I might not notice so much during harvest season when I’m eating all I want — but the final amount of packages in the freezer would be a lot less if I didn’t harvest as often as I do. Also I can’t bear the thought of missing out on the blueberry tarts each cup would make in the winter.

It’s the same with anything you grow.  If you don’t harvest often — you won’t get much.

And if you don’t make the effort to put things up little but little —  then you won’t have anything for winter. It’s not a question of not having the time; it’s more a question of timing and priorities.  You would be just as amazed at what you can put up in a few minutes here and there — as you would be at what kind of production you can get from plants that are harvested  daily — whether it’s tomatoes, cukes, beans, lettuce, strawberries, blueberries, greens, or peppers.

I strongly encourage you to never underestimate the Power of a Little — whether it’s your produce, your time, your money, or opportunities. There can be power in a little.  It’s up to you.


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  • Theresa, Pearls of wisdom here.

    I’ve discovered the same thing about planting seeds, just a couple of minutes stolen here n there gets the job done if I don’t have the stretch of time I’d ideally like to have.
    And, this is good advice for most areas of life – take saving your pennies, for example.

    I’ve told you before, the tip about harvesting more to get more has been invaluable to me this year. I credit it, in part, for my bumper tomato crop in the freezer.

  • Well said, Theresa! I learned this very lesson over the spring and summer as I harvested a little here and a little there throughout the whole season. I was always amazed at how much food I actually ended up with, even though I only had a few plants of each item.

  • Hi Patricia,
    I have often found the most important things to be the simplest of things. Glad to hear what the post meant to you. Thank you for letting me know.

  • Hi Sandra,
    Yes, I too think it applies to all areas of life. As you said — gets the job done!

  • It’s always amazing to learn that (this) lesson Grace. It’s sorta like a miracle. The people who have not learned it yet — leave a lot undone.

  • Well said, Theresa. I also recently used this concept after reading your post on ‘Garden weeds and refuse’. Its easier to remove weeds a little at a time when I happen to be in the garden and just leave it there (so as long as they have not seeded) rather than to make time just to do that.
    Thanks for re-enforcing life’s lessons.

  • Another great example of this principle’s application, Aparna! Thanks for mentioning it.

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