My First Video – Between Seasons

Over the years Bill and I had friends – a couple we didn’t see often, but who always seemed to show up in our life when we needed help only they could provide.

Bill died in 2015 and the last I saw Mark and Lucille was in 2017 when they did much for me at the last Bill Martz event. And as always – without charge.

Much to my surprise I heard from Mark again the first of August.

A Video in the worst of times?

In the course of our conversation he brought up the topic of doing a video of me in the garden, something he had asked me about since before Bill died.

I alway said “no” for various reasons.

This time I said “yes”, although it was probably the worst of times. By the time the video would be filmed it would be the end of August and between seasons in the garden. 

No Surprise – Things Did Not Go According to Plan

In all the videos I’ve seen produced by Mark, he has almost total control.  For example – see the video he did of Bill on

I didn’t think that could work in my garden.  Walking space can accommodate single file — but when it comes to more than one person moving around – that’s a challenge.

Nonetheless – I planned the garden “tour” and we set the date for Aug 20th.

It was hot, the sun was brighter than we had hoped, Mark’s back started bothering him, and he had to call it quits in the middle of what I had planned to show.

I thought at length about not showing the video.  But then decided it has enough in it that may be helpful to you in your garden.

Here’s what I never got to show you:

  • various others plantings of carrots.
  • the other two plantings of beans
  • the late plantings of cucumbers
  • the actual cutting of the cabbage
  • strawberry beds.
  • the pepper plant in the pile of decayed organic material that some would  have called weeds
  • more tomato plants
  • But most of all I regret not having the chance to show broadcasting a cover crop into a bed.  (A reader from Alaska <now living in Virginia> had never had an occasion to broadcast seed. I found how to do that difficult to explain with the written word and thought this the perfect opportunity to have shown her in a video.)

Somethings to Keep in Mind as You Watch

Talking in the garden to friends is a lot different than writing a post and being able to think things through.

For example, I inadvertently said “baking powder” rather than “baking soda” when talking about powdery mildew on cucumbers. Here’s the post that will give you the correct information:

My explanation for saving cucumber seed was brief in the video.  You can use the exact instructions for saving cuke seed as saving tomato seed. Here’s the post you need:

When talking about when cabbages would be harvested I based that on when my cabbages were planted this year.  That’s really what you have to consider when anticipating your harvest date.

I have a friend, an experienced conventional gardener of 50 years or more in Virginia, who has told me that it’s not possible to grow cabbages in the summer in Virginia.  But I do.  I also plant in the fall to winter over.  I’m trying lots of different things so I’ll be able to learn first hand what actually can and can’t be done.

If you have questions as you watch the video please feel free to write to me and ask.

Will There Be Another Video?

I’m not sure.

I think it might be possible to do one in late fall showing how I protect my lettuce beds through the winter.

Each video could always be the last one.

Final Thought

Whether I even consider doing another video will depend a lot on your feedback.  After all, it’s for you I’m doing them.

Hope you’ll let me know what your thoughts are.


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  • Oh my goodness, that video was awesome. I had just gotten in from harvesting in the garden, made a cup of tea and sat down in front of the computer to read my email. Watching the video made me feel I was visiting with a gardening friend. Very informative and I pickied up several tips. I go to your book often for info, but it is much better hearing you. Thank you for sharing.

  • I LOVE your video!! Yes, keep doing them. I think it’s great help for folks who are just learning how to farm to live.

  • LOVED the video! I tend to understand things better by seeing and doing, and the video was perfect for me in that way. I learned so much just in that short amount of time. I would love to see more videos. Wonderful and SO helpful. Thank you!


    Oh, I DO hope you keep doing videos. This was excellent! I could listen to you talk for hours. You have so much knowledge, and it REALLY helped seeing – in real time – what you were doing, how things were growing, how to harvest the seeds, what things should look like and when… Just so much good stuff!

    THRILLED to see you! I have been smiling from ear-to-ear for the last 20 minutes!

  • Since my gardening started years ago, I have always liked experimenting. On final retirement,Marg told me my retirement issues were lack of challenge and somehow gardening became the answer. When Diane first introduced me to you, I began understanding why I grew as I did. Things worked but I didn’t know why until your methods explained the reasons. I enjoyed the video very much and once again found an answer, cucumber seed saving. Never saved them before but you made it so simple and sensible I’m on my way. While I’ve really enjoyed my playing around, I wish all new gardeners could find you, listen and start right.

    Happy gardening to all

    Ray Kent

  • That was a delightful video of you, Theresa. I really love your garden and making a personal connection with you through the video. You showed several important things that people don’t think about. Spacing (both traditional and when you’re out of space), seed harvesting and your favorite varieties. I know you speak about different varieties, but to see them in person is very instructional. We’re all looking forward to the next video. Maybe one for every season?

  • Wow, I LOVED this so much! Your stream of constant information was phenomenal! I watch so many YouTube videos that are only ten minutes and just seem to drag on and on and I only get scraps of info. You are a walking encyclopedia of gardening knowledge and because you’ve been getting questions over the years you know what we readers ask about the most and addressed them. Now I’m going to hear your Southern Drawl when I read your posts; just beautiful. Much love, Julie

  • Thanks for sharing your garden with us. I just found you while I was researching onions this year. I hope you continue…I could listen to you all day.

  • So WONDERFUL to ‘see’ you Theresa. You are so natural in front of the camera, hard to tell this is your first video.
    Enjoyed it thoroughly.

  • This feed back is so important to me. And I hope others will leave their thoughts as well.
    I replied to every comment with a personal email.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to let me know your thoughts.

  • Hello Theresa
    I have listened to your advice ever since I got my plot. You were the person I spoke to when that happened. Good advice then and now. Loved the video and if there’s a chance to do more please make more,
    I still am confused what to plant and when.
    I’m hoping to plant some Brussels Sprouts and beets this week. I love both and now that I’m retired I’ll have more time to devote to my space,
    Best regards
    Susan Sullivan

  • Theresa, I LOVED your video! So inspiring, and you answered several of my questions. I am so glad I no longer have to be obsessed about correct spacing–thank you for that! Your enthusiasm really comes through the video, and as always I am amazed at your knowledge and experience with so many plants. I appreciate you so much and hope you can bring many more videos to us.

  • Loved to see your garden and would love to see more videos, maybe each one focusing on a particular aspect of the garden, from crop covers, straw, paths and beds. And was sooo nice to see YOU!!

  • It was wonderful to finally “meet” you after reading your posts and corresponding with you for so many years. I loved the video and hope you’ll do more of them. As always, you’re a fountain of information and encouragement. Thank you.

  • Hiya Theresa!
    I am so glad you made this video and posted it even though it didn’t contain everything you had wanted to cover.

    Others have already said it and I’m going to as well: your enthusiasm and love of gardening and growing things just jumps right off the screen! It is so wonderful to see you in your element, surrounded by your wild and wonderful garden.

    One thing that really hit me; that old saying “A picture is worth thousand words” couldn’t be more true. Specific example would be, this past spring you’d told me in an email that I could take my leftover onion seedlings and just plant them in clumps here and there. I thought it was a good idea and planned to do it; however, I ended up using leftovers to fill in spots where early transplants had failed.
    Then I saw this video and you pulling up 7,8 or 9 onions from a spot about the size of where one would normally be and I really got the message.

    I will start lots of extras this fall, plant little clumps everywhere I can this spring and get small onions for pickling and the bonus large ones for storage.

    Seeing it in real life made a world of difference. I may have done it eventually but now am all fired up about it!

    Come to think of it, I may plant said clumps spaced evenly around borders to see if it keeps deer and rabbits away!! I imagine there are different things for other people along these same lines, where seeing it made all the difference.

    I’ve watched literally hundreds of gardening videos over the past years and have to say that yours is one of my very favorites. Sure, part of it is because I’m a TMG fan, but the other part is just you yourself. It was like I was hanging out with a favorite cousin in her garden and benefiting from all her experience.

    I hope we’ll be taking more of these garden walks as time goes on.
    Thanks for all you do to help us.

    Take care and God bless,

  • I JUST TODAY discovered this video! It was so wonderful to see and hear you. You look fabulous! And your garden is inspirational! I hope to see more content like this in the future!

  • Theresa, I love your video. Please do more. It was wonderful to be able to see you and walk around your garden. You are looking very well. In fact, you look wonderful. Thank you and keep those videos coming.

  • Pat, I’m so glad you got to see it finally.
    I smiled at your compliment about how I looked. When I first saw the video I was shocked at seeing this 80 year woman in it!! But then someone told me I didn’t look 80 and then you said I looked “fabulous” — so it made me feel better.
    Of course — if Bill were alive and heard me complaining about being 80 — I know what he’d say — “Being 80 is fantastic — it’s the other option that’s not so good.”

    So good to hear from you Pat!
    When you have time update me on how and what you’re doing.

  • Thank you Beppy!! Your compliment is very encouraging!

    I too hope it works that I can do more videos. Comments indicate
    that readers enjoyed the “seeing” rather than just “reading”.


  • Hey Theresa! I finally got to view one of your videos and I loved it! It was so informative! Your delightful personality encouraged me and put a smile on my face!
    I’m excited to say I found some Winter Density seeds and they are growing well in a long container on a sunny deck in my backyard.
    With appreciation and best wishes! Becky owsley

  • Glad you loved the video Rebecca. (It’s my only one — at least so far.)

    So glad you found some Winter Density seed. You’ll love it!

    Thanks for commenting.

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