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Monsanto – Goliath challenged by David

The Monsanto ‘story’ pretty much reads like a made-up comic book story.  The comparison that comes to mind is Superman and his arch nemesis, Lex Luthor, the rogue scientific genus.

If someone (unfamiliar with the horror that is taking place in the ‘unnatural’ realm of agriculture) were to come upon the story, they would probably dismiss it as cuckoo.  Surely the writings of some extremist, they’d think.

Unfortunately it’s True

In 1999 at a biotech industry conference Monsanto described their ideal future as a world with 100% of all commercial seeds genetically modified and patented. A world with no natural seeds! Then they developed a strategy to make that goal reality.

It’s even more unfathomable that they’ve come so close to recognizing that goal.

First –  Control the Seed — Then the Move to Politics

As it has been said “He who controls the seed controls the food supply; and he who controls the food supply controls the world.”

So – first they gained the lions share of agricultural markets. They’ve almost taken over American (and world) agriculture.

Then they moved into politics to make it easy for more of their products to become legal.

Their deep pockets have allowed them to infiltrate the US government at the highest level — it matters not what the party affiliation. The agencies in the government that are suppose to be protecting the public are giving the ‘ok’ to products based only on the word of Monsanto. All other studies that show the products to be harmful are disregarded and/or suppressed.

The studies are out there.  You might want to take a look at this list of a few:  The first two (2011 findings) are pdf downloads. Highly recommended reading and definitely worth reviewing.
Collusion at the Top
In 2010 the Biotechnology Industry Association – whose most prominent member is Monsanto – approached Obama for assistance and got it!An inter-agency, “Agriculture Biotech Working Group”, consisting of more than 35 officials from 10 agencies was formed in late 2010 to promote GE agriculture.Read the complete press release of the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility dated July 22, 2011. You may have to scroll to the title White House Collusion with Biotech & FOI Lawsuit Filed/ White House Pact with Industry to Push GE Plants.

Promoting Lies through Marketing

Their massive public relations and marketing budget has allowed them to promote the lies of GMO’s being safe, having increased yields, needing less chemicals, being easily contained and that they are needed to feed the world!  All falsehoods.  Out and out lies.

It seems to me that the majority of people believe them, but  I sincerely hope that is not the case.

The Public Kept in the Dark

They’ve managed to keep the public in the dark about the dangers that exist from their creations.  But then of course that shouldn’t surprise us since that’s what they’re best at.  (See my previous post Monsanto – Don’t Trust Your Life to Them.)

A Danger to Organic Farming Everywhere

Drifting pollen from GM crops onto organic fields can render the organic farmer’s entire crop contaminated and not suitable for sale.  That amounts to staggering financial loss and is detrimental to the integrity of organic farming everywhere. Contamination from GM crops can literally destroy an organic crop.


A horrifying example is the case of Canola in Canada.  Organic canola no longer exits in Canada because the entire crop was contaminated by GM canola.

The Villain Attacks Again

As if that’s not enough of a blow to the organic community, Monsanto has stepped in and sued at least a hundred farmers for patent infringement because the wind contaminated the farmer’s crops.

Guilty of patent infringement because the wind contaminated their pure natural crops with vile unwanted GM pollen?? Incredible!

It’s even harder to believe that Monsanto wins cases like this.  What’s happened to common sense!

This sounds like something Lex Luthor would have his Lex Corporation do.  The only thing is, Superman is not here to stop Monsanto.

David challenges Goliath

In March 2011 the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (OSGATA) filed suit against Monsanto to challenge the giant’s patents on genetically modified seed.   The Plaintiffs seek to protect themselves (and thus others) from being accused of patent infringement if their seed should become contaminated by Monsanto’s GM seed.

The Public Patent Foundation originally filed the suit on behalf of 60 family farmers, seed businesses and organic agricultural organizations that make up the OSGATA.  In June, an amended complaint was filed adding 23 new plaintiffs bringing the number represented to 83.

These 83 plaintiffs represent over 270,000 members of the various organizations and thousands of certified organic family farmers. (Still small compared to Monsanto.)

The outcome of this case is extremely important.  It could determine whether we’ll have the choice of how to feed our families — or — have only the unhealthful (read the studies) genetically modified food forced on the world by a power hungry “reckless polluter”.

I wish them great success and hope with all that’s in me the challenge by OSGATA will have the same outcome as David’s challenge to Goliath.

To read the press releases of Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association in their entirety.


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