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This post will briefly update you on 4 topics:

  • New and Long Overdue Look for TMG Coming
  • Exclusive Tips and Info to Subscribers via Personal Email
  • Handbook of Secrets to Growing Organic Bulbing Onions – the Easy Way
  • Me and the Bee Gees

New and Long Overdue Look for TMG Coming

Folks in the know about the appearances of websites have long told me that my site looks “retro”. I always just laugh, because that really never bothered me. Tons of work is involved in making the change especially since my site is so “full”. If there was no reason to change other than someone saying it looked retro — I’d keep what I have.

But now there’s a reason.

My theme (the thing that accounts for the appearance of the site) is no longer kept up to date. The other systems involved with making the site work are continually changing. Thus, my site could go down at any time (horrors!) because it can’t handle the new stuff.

Although you can’t see it now, the change is in full swing. Once the the foundation is complete it’ll go live. After it’s up I’ll continue the changes to make it even better for readers.

I think you’ll really enjoy the new look. The thing I like best about it is that when a reader lands on the home page, they’ll be able to see in a glance a good overview of what’s available to them on the site.

I’ll be looking forward to your input once you see it and any suggestions you might have.

Exclusive Tips and Info to Subscribers via Personal Email

I finally have a system that will allow me to send personal emails to all subscribers of TMG.

So many times I have short tips or pieces of information or major information that is either too short for a post or I just don’t want anyone other than subscribers to see.

Now I have a way to get the information to you via email.

If and when you decide you don’t want to receive the emails anymore there will be an unsubscribe link you can click. (That will also unsubscribe you from TMG as well.)

Handbook of Secrets to Growing Organic Bulbing Onions – the Easy Way

The good news is I only have the bonus parts to write. Everything else has been written.

The bad news is after that I’ll have to layout the book and that could take longer than I want to imagine. So I have no idea of an estimated time of release.

Some of the information it contains I’m anxious for you to have to help you with onion seedlings that you’ll soon be starting. It’s my hope to put up an excerpt from the book as a post so you can take advantage of that information if you’re one who needs it.

With the added work of the new theme (which is critical at this point) it’s hard to find time for the book and posts.

Me and the Bee Gees

My broken femur has healed of course, but it’ll take almost a year to rebuild my muscles in the left leg. There’s a long way to go before I’m fully recovered.

I can stand comfortably, but need support (walker or crutches) to walk.

I drove for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Rigged a rope in the truck tied to a pull bar on the passenger side. It allows me to pull myself into the truck from the drivers side. I don’t venture far yet; mainly the post office.

When I hurt my legs almost 30 years ago I didn’t know anything about scar tissue or how to prevent build up. Thanks to the internet and talking to others who have dealt with it, I do now.

When I fell this time, it was with such impact that it broke the scar tissue in my legs that had limited my movement for almost 30 years.

So the good news is I could end up being much better than before I fell. Already I can do exercises and have a range of motion that I haven’t had for decades!

Exercises are my ticket back to being even better than prior to my fall. I do a wide variety of them to keep it interesting.

One of the most interesting I made up myself. With my walker I dance as the Bee Gees sing Staying Alive or You Should be Dancing (while John Travolta dances to it).

I try to copy all of Travolta’s moves that I can. Unfortunately, not in perfect form. But it’s fun and it gets the blood circulating. I can’t jump as high as Travolta did in that famous dance scene of 40 years ago, but I do jump! (Couldn’t jump at all before I fell.)

Final Thoughts

It was snowing as I was dancing the other day.  Since I can’t send you a picture of me on the “dance floor”, second best is a picture of the snow out my back door.

Thinking of all of you and planning ways to help you even more in the future.

All my best and warmest wishes to you and yours,


Out my back door.


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  • I’m glad to hear you’re up and improving!! Also, snow! I wish we had snow. It’s Michigan, we’re supposed to have a lot of snow by now and we barely have any. What a weird winter!

  • Your post brought me the biggest smile! So glad to hear that you are on the mend and feeling so good. And to hear that you have even better movement? That’s just too much frosting the cake!!! I look forward to seeing the new changes and to the onion info.

    I committed the unpardonable sin in onion seeding this year–used old ones, so very poor germination. I was trying to save a little money, but a packet of new seed is much cheaper than the sets I will have to buy to replace them. Ah well, next time. 🙂

  • Theresa,
    I am so thankful and happy that you are finally getting well. I have been very concerned about you. I never knew what you did to be down so long.
    You now sound like the Theresa we all know and love.
    I can’t wait to see the new look.

  • Since this will be only my second year with onions I look forward to new release. Things happen as we get older but there is a way, you just have to find it. I have arthritis in my back that is pressing on nerves and restricting walking. I have chairs spaced around the yard so I can always reach one. I have a kneeler that allows me to get up using my arms and just got a mobility scooter that lets me go for a walk and gardening keeps the brain going. Life is good and I like waking up each day.

    Happy gardening

    Ray Kent

  • Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.
    Napoleon Hill

  • Glad to hear you are recovering well and that you found exercise is the key. I fell 2 years ago and broke some bones and also found exercise to be the key to recovery. Keep it up, Girl!!

  • Theresa, I am so glad you are up and around. Now, every time I hear the BeeGees I will think of you! Happy healing…

  • This is amazing news Theresa, I am so glad to hear you are recovering better than ever! What was initially a terrible fall has now become a recovery blessing – YAY!!!!!!!
    Stay strong lady, you got this! Im looking forward to the redesigned website too!
    All the best,

    John 16:33

  • Wonderful news about your healing that put a smile on my face this morning.

    And good news about your website. I recognized your theme when I first saw it, as it’s one that I’ve used in the past. The wonderful thing about WordPress (compared to the old ways of designing websites) is that your content is preserved when you change your theme. Looking forward to the new look!

  • You go girl!! I’m thankful to hear you are on the mend! Looking forward to the secrets of growing onions!

  • I would read your web postings and since you have had your injury there was not a lot about how you were doing. Many thanks for the update and the fun part about the Bee Gees and exercise. What a terrific thing that you have more range of motion! You are a gift to us.

  • I just finished reading this delightful post. I was joyful when I saw that you were able to do this post so close to the last one and now my eyes are tearful as I hear your good new about your legs. God has blessed you through this hard experience and I am blessed to hear of your improvement and encouragement. I would love to be there dancing with you! What a loving Father we serve! With love and best wishes!! Becky Owsley

  • Rock on Theresa…next thing we know it, you’ll be making how-to exercise/dance videos outside in the garden!!! (hay…maybe another book idea????!!!!) Love you, keep the faith!

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