Maria Rodale’s Open Letter to Obama

If you’re into organic gardening — and even if you’re not — it’s likely that you recognize the name Rodale.  J.I. Rodale was the grandfather of the organic movement. He started Organic Farming and Gardening Magazine (known now as Organic Magazine) in the l940s.  He started Prevention Magazine in l950.

His name came to command respect and authority in the organic and health fields.  Although those magazines are not today what they once were, Rodale publishing company is still looked to with respect.

Currently, his granddaughter, Maria Rodale, is CEO and Chariman of Rodale, Inc.

Overview of Maria Rodale’s letter to Obama

Ms. Rodale wrote an open letter to Obama today, February 21, 2011.  The letter was well written and concise and said what needed to be said.

She was a “Devoted Supporter — Up Until Now”

In the first sentence she declared herself a “devoted supporter” of his presidency “up until now”.  Should he ever see the letter, that will probably give her more credibility with him, since he seems to disregard information from anyone who has opposed him.

UNCONTAINABLE Contamination Has Been Unleashed

She then went on to say that “by allowing the complete deregulation of GMO/GE alfalfa, and now sugar beets, you have unleashed another wave of UNCONTAINABLE contamination on this planet.”

The all caps for the word “UNCONTAINABLE” was most appropriate since unfortunately her statement is 100% correct. It only takes researching what has happened already to see that contamination to regular crops from these genetically modified crops is unavoidable.

Evil Under the Guise of Good

Ms. Rodale points out that these toxic crops exist so that companies like Monsanto can make more money. The thing that is so disgusting to me is that they do it under the guise of saving the world.  Again, researching the facts quickly uncovers that deception.

One of the ways Monsanto and others make more money on these genetically engineered (GE) crops is by selling more toxic chemicals which in turn are destroying our environment.

And as Ms. Rodale goes on to tell Obama, the human diseases that we can lay at the feet of those chemicals are “at the root of the health issues you claim are so important to you and your family, including: cancer, diabetes, obesity, autism, ADHD, childhood leukemia, organ failure, infertility, birth defects, and reduced intelligence.”

She then expresses extreme disappointment that he “gave in to the bullying of Monsanto and its legion of lobbyists—.”

“You Have Failed” — “to Protect the American People”

The letter’s last paragraph certainly bears quoting:

“What on earth were you thinking? You are obviously an intelligent man. Please develop the courage and strength that the American people require of you and make the right decisions for all of us for the long term. Ultimately, your most important job is to protect America and the American people. By deregulating GE/GMO alfalfa and sugar beets, you have failed.”

Letter Spoke the Thoughts of Many

I don’t always agree with everything Maria Rodale comes out with, but I think she spoke for almost everyone who has kept up with the situation and is really aware of what’s going on.

On the other hand it is easy for people who have not done the research to consider this fear mongering and just something that “kooks” are ranting about. How I wish that were the case.

Testing so far Shows Negative Effects

But the facts on genetically modified seed are the facts.  The science of taking genes from the DNA from one species and artificially forcing it into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal is a new untested science.   The tests that have been done show significant negative effects.

Approval Without Thought to After-Effects

In light of that, it is amazing the eagerness of the government to approve these GE crops without serious thought to the after-effects.  Especially when it has been documented that they’re carried on the wind and it’s next to impossible to avoid contaminating regular crops.

(You may want to review my post on Monsanto – Don’t Trust Your Life to Them which goes into more detail about the scientific findings and negative effects of GMOs.)

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

Many throughout society — not understanding and not wishing to do the research — will close their eyes and ears to the seriousness of the situation.

Through the years society as a whole has moved away from a close relationship with food, the very thing that gives them energy and sustains life. They have  allowed the government or the “unseen someone” to “take care of things.”  Most feel they have enough to do without having to worry about everything they put in their mouth.

Pandora’s New Box Opened

I don’t like it either.  This has already effected my life in ways that are minor compared to what could lie ahead.  The “fallout” from this poor decision to open the new Pandora’s box of unregulated GMOs could be staggering.

We all need to be aware so that we can take steps to try to protect ourselves and our families as much as is possible.

Final Thought

How unfortunate that Marie Rodale’s letter will in all probability fall on deaf ears and that the only good we can hope it will do at this point is to help awaken and stir the American people to what is happening to our food supply.


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  • I have signed countless letters addressing this subject. Sometimes it helps but more often not. I am still a huge Obama supporter but I too have been very disappointed in his appointments, namely Vilsack. We can only do what we have been doing…talking, teaching, and reaching out as you are doing. Thank you.

  • Thanks for commenting Dink.

    It is my understanding that Vilsack tried to take a stand against the GEO industry and then was forced by “political pressure from above” to back down. An article in Grist says “Unhappily, the decision falls into line with other Obama administration gestures of fealty to the agrichemical lobby — like appointments of loyal Monsanto men to key ag-policy posts”

    It’s most unfortunate that men in power seem to be lead by their own agenda or at best are influenced by other men with their own agenda, rather than acting in the best interest of “We the people”.


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