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Making Sure You Know What Help is Available

In addition to the encouragement given in the comments area of the last post, I also received some valuable input via email from a reader. This input might end up being helpful TO YOU by letting you know what information is available here.

Susan wrote “Thank you, thank you!  I may try to grow some things from seed after all.  I thought I had to have the seedlings inside all the time.  Your method is much more do-able and the seedlings are already hardened off to boot!

As you know from my last post I allow vegetable seeds to germinate inside on top of my washing machine. Once they germinate they go outside. (Reading that post could be helpful if you’ve not already done so. )

What Susan Helped Me to Know

 When reading Susan’s “thank you” I realized that some readers may not know all the information available to them on TMG. There are almost 800 posts covering almost every topic to help you in your garden. (And it’s easy to search the entire site via the home page.) 

My books are offered in the sidebars. The one on Organic Gardening gives you details on the 3 simple keys to success.  Secrets to Seed Starting Success without Buying Indoor Lighting or a Lot of Other Stuff  shares secrets to make it easy for anyone to start seed.


I didn’t call it a course but it is. And the value of the information in that course far exceeds the price of $19.97.  That happened because I set the price before hand. But when I got to what should have been the end of the ebook I kept adding things that I thought folks would want to know.

Anticipating questions, I answer them all. Little secrets I know (that I learned over decades) are included to help clarify things about growing vegetable seed even more.

Another thing adding greater value to the piece was sharing with you the experiences of some TMG readers.  AND seven pages of bonus information is at the end.

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words. The course includes as many as possible.

Everything I thought would be of benefit to you  and make you more successful at growing your own seedlings is in there. You won’t have to search through 50 links to find the information you need.

A quick start guide is included that you can print out and keep handy to make it easy if you don’t already know the steps by heart.

A Reader Shares Why She Was Excited About the Ebook

When Secrets to Seed Starting Success was first released, my long time friend and reader, Julie shared my excitement.  She wrote, Yay–I just ordered it. I’m so happy you consolidated your wonderful information. I get bogged down on successful sites; there is so much good information and I just get lost for hours in links.”

Once I get to the computer and see your order, I’ll send it to you via email as a PDF.  You can read it on a PC or a Mac with Adobe Acrobat Reader that you can download for free if you don’t already have it. (Just do a search for Adobe Acrobat Reader download.)

Pay Pal also allows you to use your credit card. So it’s no problem if you don’t have a Pay Pal account.

To give you an even better idea of what’s in the course, take a look at the two page Table of Contents below:  (Click or double click to enlarge)

First Two Beginning Pages

For those of you who have recently subscribed or have not already ordered Secrets to Seed Starting Success here are the first two beginning pages.  I think you’ll find them informative if you’re new to starting seed or it you’re not pleased with how yours are looking. (Click or double click to enlarge.)

Hopefully this post is helpful and makes you more aware of what’s on TMG to help you become more successful in your garden.

And by the way, the home page gives you a lot of information at a glance so be sure to check it out from time to time.

If you decide to order and learn my Secrets to Seed Starting Success you’ll know how easy it is to grow from seed.

As another long time friend and reader, Ray, from Canada said in the comments area to the last post, he and I learned the hard way. You don’t have to.   By taking advantage of all I offer, you can save yourself a lot of time and many mess-ups.

If you’ve read this far and already have Secrets to Seed Starting Success and have benefited from it, please share how the book helped/helps you in the comments section.  That will benefit other readers. (And you already know how I love your input via the comments.)

Wishing you a fantastic growing season!


Just so you’ll know

My main computer died last week.  The one I’m using can’t do everything the other one did AND it has some issues also that may indicate trouble ahead.

The reason I want you to know is so if you ever email me and I don’t reply that means I don’t have access to a working computer.  How long it would take me to get another computer depends on a lot of things. It’s very probable (at least currently) that it would be months.

Another concern I have about being without a computer is that not only would I not be able to reply to emails, I wouldn’t be able to get notice of your order since I would have no way to get online. 

I thought it best to let you know what’s going on while I’m still online and can contact you. 

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  • Theresa,
    In the past I began my seedlings on the window sill. Then a silly kitten named Midnight choose us to care for him. I woke up and Midnight ate all of my seedlings. I thought that was the end of growing my own seedlings.
    I read your method and tried it. There is no going back to the windowsill method for me! There are so many advantages to the outside method.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Spring

  • Both “Cutting thru the Hype” and “Secrets to Seed Starting” are excellent resources. I purchased these years ago. A wealth of knowledge from years of experience. You won’t regret getting either one of these.

  • I agree with Gordon, I would encourage anyone who hasn’t yet to buy both of these books.
    The website is certainly a wealth of information, but I think that the books really encapsulate Theresa’s methods and philosophy of gardening. I found them invaluable to really understand how it’s possible to garden successfully… the easy way!

    Theresa, I’m so sorry to hear about your computer, it’s terrible!!

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