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Lettuce – Harvesting for Dinner on July 16th

I know — I know — too many lettuce posts showing my mid-summer lettuce harvests.  But I just couldn’t help myself, because I want you to know that you really can have lettuce turn “eatable” after days and days of 100 degree heat.

We had a wonderful rain last night which not only considerably improved my attitude  but my stalked lettuce as well.

I found most of the lettuce I picked in areas that enjoy a bit a shade in late afternoon.  And — as is often the case — the lower leaves of these 3 foot high stalks were the ones that turned back to that color of spring lettuce that I previously told you to look for when picking lettuce in the summer. They were gorgeous and I was delighted.

The mizuna was gorgeous of course — as you can see in the picture.

If you’re like one the folks on a forum I frequent and say to yourself  — “I’ve never found the leafs of a once-bitter lettuce to change” — All I can say is — it can and does happen in my garden all the time — and it can happen in yours if you don’t pull your lettuce up. (And a bit of shade helps as well.)

On the other hand I was delighted that a long time gardener – a reader of TMG — and one who also frequents the same forum — posted —- giving a link to one of my posts said that I had “a way of using lettuce that has bolted.” She went on to say, “I tried it and have been using bolted lettuce all summer. You only use leaves that have a certain look, and you soak them immediately in cold water.”

Tonight I’m having baked potatoes with a big salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, mizuna, and lettuce (shown below) all from the garden. Wish you could join me.

Lettuce harvest mixed with mizuna –  July 16th.


Addendum added – July 21, 2012

The picture below was taken after we finally got rain on July 21, 2012.  The stalk toppled from the rain. The top leaves still show more of a blue — which indicates too bitter to pick.

The bottom leaves show perfectly the right color to pick. Yesterday (July 20th) they too were dull and more blue.  After the rain they had the look of color you’d see in spring lettuce.  Perfect for picking —- even at the end of July!

Lettuce after the rain on July 21, 2012. The big bottom leaves are perfect for picking, soaking (to be on the safe side) and eating.

Another variety of lettuce after the rain today. The large leaf at the bottom left and those in the center show just the right color for picking and enjoying in a salad. The top leaves are too dull and red — and bitter.

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