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Lettuce article in national magazine – Get yours at one of 1200 locations

In April the editor of Out Here magazine which is sponsored by Tractor Supply contacted me and asked me to write an article for their 3rd quarter issue which was released  the 2nd of this month.

They entitled the article Grow Your Own Lettuce and it’s on page 25.  In it I give some good suggestions on how to get your lettuce started this month.  Also I briefly review 5 cold weather varieties.

If you have an opportunity to get by a Tractor Supply store you might want to pick up a copy.

They have 1200 stores coast to coast and they print about 600,000 copies so hopefully you’ll get one.

They have exclusive rights to the article for 6 months so I can’t reproduce it here — at least right now.

You can also see it online at  To see the current issue, just click where it says “Now available at your local Tractor Supply store.” (Note that I had to then click on page 26-27 to get it to come up — although the page number shown on the page in the magazine is 25.)

I hope you’ll enjoy the article.


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  • Congratulations Theresa, great article. I recently ordered seeds for fall planting and have several of the lettuce varieties you suggested. I am excited to get busy planting again.

  • Thanks Alice. Glad you saw the article and have some of the varieties I suggested.
    I’ve start to plant for fall too. It’s always exciting.

  • Theresa how wonderful! I love the article and I’m glad they put the information down for folks to check out this website. This is just the best site out there!

  • Very nice article. Glad to see your information getting more recognition. Wish we had a Tractor Supply out here so that I could stand in front of the magazine rack and point out the article to shoppers and say “You MUST read this!” Congratulations on another job well done.

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