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July 4th – Garden and Border Favorites

The bloom in the garden and borders this July 4th was so great because of the little bit of rain we’ve had.  You’ll recall the severe drought going on last year at this time.

Since you couldn’t be with me in person, I’ve put together a show of blooms and spots in the garden and borders that are among my favorites for you to see and enjoy. (Via Bill’s photos of course.)

Enlarge your browser as much as you can so the pictures will be bigger.

In addition to enjoying it, I hope it will inspire you and give you some ideas for your own gardens.

Wishing you a wonderful and bountiful summer.


Hosta in bloom at our back door.


This tree rose, planted new this spring, has bloomed continually.


Ruffled pink daylilies after a rain.


One of my favorite spots in the border.


Cuke on an easel; butternut squash to the left; volunteer potato to the right; tansy and hedge in back. I save this spot in back side flower border for vegetables.


Fairy-tale Pink daylily lives up to its name in this photo.


One of my favorite discords made even better with the grasses as a backdrop.


After a rain.


We’ve had these huge yellow/gold daylilies in our gardens for more than 30 years. They’re Bill’s favorite.


One of the last Flanders poppy blooms and seed pods.


Buddleia blossom and butterfly.


Worth repeating.


How beautiful is this?


Von Stein Lambs Ear and Fading Onothera.


These calla lilies have dropped their seed for 13 years in my garden.  They come back every year increasing slightly if I allow it.


Note the tiny bee and the raindrop on this beautiful double gold daylily.


Our asparagus ferns are about 7 feet tall. I love to look at them before a strong storm makes then lean.


This day lily is one I call Field Red. Bill made it a show piece with his camera.


Echinacea and daylilies. Note the bee on the left and the butterfly just right of top center. Using complimentary colors together makes the border shine.


This is one of best large pink daylilies.


Blueberries. Still many to come as of July 4th.


Glowing in the shadows.


Fireworks in the Garden on July 4th,



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  • Beautiful! Was the calla lily started as a bulb? I didn’t think they would seed and come back here in zone 7…I want some! They were my bridal bouquet flower(all white). I love their form.



  • You have amazing borders and plants/flowers. I am always inspired and in awe, thank you! 🙂

  • I never thought they would last in my garden either, Gail. And certainly never thought they would spread and seed! They are such a treat every year. They are slow to spread, but worth it.

    I bought the original little plant at Andre Viette’s many, many years ago. When we moved here, 13 years ago I brought it along. It wasn’t much more than the original plant. After all these years it only covers about a 3′ x 4′ area.


  • Alicia, I am glad you’ve been inspired by my borders and plants. I think seeing what else is being done, gives us all ideas of what we may want to do that is different and wonderful. Thanks for commenting.


  • Thanks Diane. Sure glad you liked my fireworks. Notice I saved the fireworks display for last!


  • Thanks Don!
    Are your daylillies not in bloom because of the difference in zones, or are they mid-season/late bloomers?
    Victoria (a lovely lemon yellow) opens for me at the end of May. Susie Wong (lemon yellow) and Charles Johnston (red) open the first of June and then the others follow along.
    Enjoy the season!

  • Yes I think its the zones. The wild orange lillies are all blooming. I have lots of buds on the other day lillies. All mine were given to me so I don’t know the official names. I just enjoy them.

  • I think enjoying them is the best part, Don.

    By the way — daylily buds are delicious sauteed in butter!


  • WOW, Theresa!

    I thought I’d read every post at least once, but this blew me away this morning! Do you sell any of these? If you do I’ll be making a wish list! I’m FINALLY able to enjoy daylilies now that I have my vegetable gardens fenced in. Before now the deer always ate them as well as my roses before the blooms opened enough for me to see them! To be able to tend my vegetable garden surrounded by such beauty would be HEAVENLY!

    Have a BLESSED day,

  • Yes, Betty, I do sell various perennials and daylilies is one of specialties.
    Email me with any questions you might have.
    I’ll be happy to help.

  • Great! I’ll be able to prepare some nice beds around the fence line for some more flowers as soon as I get the majority of the veggies in. I’m late getting everything in due to the thunderstorms or extreme heat. I spent most of the day planting flowers and filling my pots with flowers to place in various spots in the garden. the flowers give me so much joy when I’m working there.

    I’ll email as soon as I get the flower beds ready. Alfred loves daylilies too, so we’ll have fun trying to choose which to add to the garden.


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