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How You Garden – Is It a Programmed Response?

How do you garden? Why do you garden that way? What are the beliefs behind what you do in gardening and anything else?

Did you search for the way that’s in accordance with fact and reality. Or have you just done it that way for so long that on a deep level you have accepted it as fact.

Most of us, if we stop to think about it long and hard, have been programmed to do most of the things we do. And many of those things are not based on fact or reality, although they “feel” as if they are.

Most of Us Need a Incentive to Change

Oddly enough one of the greatest incentives to change (to find the truth or a better way) is some type of hardship that causes us to look further.

Many now-organic farmers were once conventional farmers. But because of various problems with diseases, insects or whatever, they turned to a way that worked with nature rather than against her.

There are too many stories to read them all of folks who have been damaged or even given up on by the medical profession and have turned to the natural way to heal as their last hope.

Much is Promoted as Fact that is Not True

The world today promotes many things as fact that are not founded in fact. Two of the biggest areas where lies and/or half truths are promoted as truth are agriculture and the medical/pharmaceutical fields.

Truth Can be Found

Although it can be difficult to find, the truth is still out there and we have the ability to change our old programming and our old ways of thinking — IF we really want to. (And yes, some don’t want to.)

Long Before I Gardened, My Beliefs Established How I Would Begin

Long before I ever had a place to garden, my belief was that to work with nature was/is the way to go. Whenever that came up in conversation – even years before I  gardened – I was told that “organic” is not possible anymore.

That never made sense to me. As perfectly as the world is made – then all of sudden we need the help of the chemical industry to make growing food possible? In spite of what the chemical industry likes to promote, the earth had been producing in abundance for years. Almost without exception, problems that you hear of in agriculture were/are man made.

For 30 years plus I was “successful” at gardening just by following along with nature and applying everything I could observe.

In those early years I had Rodale’s Organic Gardening Magazine.  Back then it was packed with invaluable information. I read each issue cover to cover.  As great as that magazine was then, I’ve discovered during my studies of the history of agriculture that Organic Gardening Magazine did not tell of or promote everything that it’s founder J.I. Rodale had discovered and knew. (I would think that was because somethings were not popular and would not be accepted by his audience. And that’s still how it’s done today – at least 99% of the time.)

Along with my studies of the history of agriculture, the study of “how” what I’ve practiced works has left me even more in awe of how perfectly things are made.  It’s been great to learn that I did so much right with only a little actual know-how.  I’ve learned many more things I can do to make my garden even better and it’s bounty more health giving. Very exciting!

Final Thoughts

We all need to question ourselves from time to time and especially as we take in new information.  We want to make sure that our response to what we learn is founded in truth and not in programming by the various industries.


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  • I’m so delighted to find your website! I’ve been gardening since I was 19 and never considered any other way of gardening except the natural(organic) way. Nothing else made sense to me and to find someone who understands that way of thinking is so encouraging. Thanks for all that you have shared here on your website, look forward to reading through it.

  • I finished you book this spring, and have put your techniques into practice. I am having the best garden I have ever had. We have had plenty of rain this year (Indiana)which helps. Getting ready to try and replant and stretch the season out as far as possible. Thanks for all of your good Information. Bob

  • Great to hear from you Bob and am delighted that you are have the best garden ever!
    Thanks for letting me know.

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