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How Using Chemicals in the Garden Was First Accepted

When you first started gardening did you think that you had to use chemicals to be successful?  It’s not a stretch to say that the majority thinks using chemicals is necessary for a successful garden.

Fortunately for me, I always knew that I wanted to garden by working with nature  long before Bill and I had a place to garden.  Even in spite of being told by just about everyone it wasn’t possible, I always knew it was. 

How Using Chemicals Became the Accepted Way to Garden (and farm)

The idea of plants needing just NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous, and potash) that could be chemically supplied is/was a mistake by a German chemist that the chemical companies immediately found profitable. Even after that scientist acknowledged his mistake, there was no stopping the chemical companies. They had the funds to pay to convince the public the idea was true and they did.

After WWII, various companies made rich by manufacturing explosives during the war, started producing fertilize in an effort to market their surplus.

If you want more facts about how chemicals came to be considered “necessary” this post gives you some good guidance about where to start your research.

Using Chemicals Now Governs Current Conventional Agriculture/Gardening

What is/was promoted by the chem companies now governs current conventional agriculture.  And this is in spite of the fact their products, promoted as a necessity for growth, kill almost all life in the soil. Minerals and soil life necessary for healthy nutrient dense food are gone from soils that are abused this way.

The Good News

The good news is that if we work with nature life can be restored to the soil we reign over. And it’s so very easy. 

This website is filled with suggestions on how to accomplish that.

My next post will give you some simple examples and ideas from my spring garden on how to work with nature to improve your soil and thus, your garden’s success.


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  • The more you use chemicals the more you have to use them and the higher gardening costs go. I was amazed after my first plant of marigolds and other flowers. Now I have a garden for the cost of any seeds I don’t save and it’s very pretty for free.

    If you have just joined Theresa listen closely and both you and your garden will be happy.
    Ray Kent.

    Happy gardening

  • Another insightful article, my friend, and so true!! It’s a shame that big money and big mouths in the vast pool of lobbyists and lawyers, are the ones who decide whether we tend the planet or not. Sad and infuriating. Thank you for putting it out there!!

  • Thank you Theresa, very interesting and useful information as always! I really enjoyed reading the linked posts too. I hadn’t come across the rain forest article yet – it’s amazing what nature can do!

    I look forward to the next post! 🙂

  • Thanks Ray! I always appreciate your comments.

    Yes Sherrie, it is sad and infuriating. But at least a few of us know and do what’s necessary on our little section of the earth.

    I have a feeling that one day — and maybe not in the too distant future — we’ll be leading the way for others.

    Guilia, I was glad to see you’re reading the other posts I’ve linked to. There is so much information that is worth reviewing that gives even more detail. Glad you’re taking advantage of it.


  • Hi Anthony,
    In addition to “sharing” this post in the “Extra, Extra” section I also noticed that you also “shared” my post on organic residues on the same page in the section entitled “Bottom of the compost pile”.

    From what I saw you take excerpts from various articles (although it gives the “appearance” that you are doing the writing) and then link a sentence (share) to the original article.


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